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cheryllou(mid-Tn zone 6)September 30, 2006

I have a Rose of Sharon bush & a volunteer Maple tree which have joined forces in my yard. I need to get rid of the bush & keep the tree. Problem is, they are not seperate enough to dig. The tree is about 12' tall & the bush about 6'. How can I kill this shrub? Also, I have a few volunteer shrubs in my garden which need to be removed. My experience in the past has been that if I cut them down, they come back stronger than ever. These are not in areas where they need to be. I don't think Roundup would do the job. Any suggestions?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

sever at or near the ground ... drip or paint 100% roundup just on the edge of green, between the bark and pulpwood on the stump ...

leave it there until the leaves fall off both .. then surgically remove the bush .. rather than trying to get it all out in one fell tug ...


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Yep, cut the unwanted one almost to the ground, paint the stump, especially the part where the center joins the bark (that is where new growth occurs) ... I would suggest Brush Be Gone or some other product for "woody" plants, but I have heard others say that Roundup can work (and Roundup does make a woody plant killer now).

Since the poison is taken up by that tree, you don't have to worry that any thing underground belonging to the other tree will be affected.

If it dies nicely, I would not even worry about digging out the stump, just mulch over it if possible.

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karinl(BC Z8)

There are many shrubs that don't sprout from the ground and need just the stump removed. I have a pruning saw that I use for cutting roots, and I also use pruners and even loppers to cut them. I just cut most of the shrub away, then dig or scrape around the base and cut or saw whatever roots I encounter. In most cases - including Rose of Sharon, a red-twig dogwood, a Salix lapponum, and others, I've had no re-emergence, although I've left most of the roots in the ground - they just rot. A shrub with which this will NOT work is flowering quince, which sprouts from every #$%$^ bit of root left behind.

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