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dallasblooms(Dallas)September 27, 2011

I have 10 year old junipers flanking my south facing front porch sidewalk that are overgrown and half dead in this endless summer heat. Since I live in a subdivision, privacy for my porch is needed (it's a real porch large enough to hold a rocking chair, glider, bistro table, and several large pots - my favorite reading place). The porch is covered with 12 foot tall white columns and side railings, also white. The junipers are in the planting beds in front of the porch on either side of the approach sidewalk. The available planting area is about 4-5 feet deep.

The junipers were great at first because they were evergreen, got tall, and we decorated them at Christmas. But for some reason they grew leaning away from the porch and we planted them too close to the sidewalk so trimming was a disaster - they are totally lopsided now. So we're looking for something evergreen, mature height 8 to 10 feet, width 4 feet, can take sun and shade (existing Red Oak tree west of porch gives late afternoon shade), and can take Texas heat. Bonus points for color/fragrance/flowers but not required (since I don't think it exists :).

I guess I should mention the planters are sprinkled and the house is brick, rose colored if that matters. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

they were too close to the house.. and that is why they leaned out towards the sunshine ...

without a picture.. its hard for me to give any definitive suggestions ...

whatever long term solution comes up.. you might want to think about annual and perennial vines to give some quicker privacy.. e.g. clematis [if tx approp] .. morning glory.. ets ...

Here is a link that might be useful: pix how to

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Can't make it happen from work, sorry, restricted use. I tried to be descriptive - a sidewalk leading to an open front porch southern facing, full sun until late afternoon, 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide shrub need.

I had a suggestion for a youpon - Foster maybe. Haven't checked it out yet.

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