Where to plant Euonymus

Lynne5(5)September 8, 2005

I was given a small euonymus shrub with white and green varigated leaves. I have much shade and a little partial sun. I'm concerned that in the available shade the shrub will get choked by roots under my large japanese maple. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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I personally think the compost pile is a good place to, er, "plant" this shrub. Yup, I'm not a fan. They're an exotic invasive problem in my zone, plus they're planted to the point of tedium in every fast food joint and they look really lovely with a nice coating of euonymus scale.

That being said, the foliage is striking and they're remarkably hard to kill. So, I don't think the roots of your japanese maple will hurt it at all -- if anything, the opposite is true.

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I do love to say this name. I seem to have this all over my yard so I guess it is invasive. I have it growing up a pine tree, up a cement wall and in a shade garden with many other plants. I like it but I have to clip it back thru out the season and it did take a bit of work to get it out of an overgrown bed. In the right spot it looks great. I am trying to get my japanese maple to grow bigger so I would be more afraid of the mable being harmed by the euonymus.

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Don't plant it if there are deer around..

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This isn't the invasive euonymus, E. alata, it's the evergreen shrub type, E. japonica Aureo-marginata. I've got one, it's a slow-grower and an all around lovely plant.

If you can give it afternoon shade, it will be perfectly happy to have morning sun. If it starts to bake, it won't do well, but it'll let you know it's not happy by dropping leaves and wilting. I've just started some cuttings from mine because I like it so much - it is easy to root.

I love this plant! Don't be talked out of growing it because it's in the same family with E alata - there's nothing wrong with E japonicus, at least with the variegated shrub types.

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I just read that this plant CAN take full sun. Mine seems happy in morning sun, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: euonmous at daves garden

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E. japonicus does take a lot of sun, indeed.
I have 'Silver King' and '[something] Gold' in sun from 10 am till 4-5pm and both doing good, except that one that in more open location may have a minor tip dieback after the winter.

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Actually e. alatus is not the only invasive exotic euonymus. I assumed she was talking about e. fortunei which IS invasive. If she's not, my apologies.

Here is a link that might be useful: e. fortunei

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My plant is Euonymus fortunei, "Moonshadow", which is described on Mary's reference as a newer kind which remains small and dense. If it's really strong, I'm thinking of putting it in the bed under the maple where only my epimedium have survived, alhough I've tried many other shade perennials. Even the hostas got choked off. I think the tree is at least 75 years old and very hardy.

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Remember invasive depends on where you live. Here E. fortunii is not and remains in place as a spreading shrub. I've never seen it creeping up a tree or brick wall. Our dry summer conditions are probably why the growth is kept in check. The invasive vine here (and recently added to our noxious weed list was 3 different cultivars of English Ivy.


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I am trying to hide a wall that is just over 5'. The plant, silver king euonymus was suggested. I live in York pa(south central pa). Would like the plant to completely hide the wall which is about 100' long. Would you recommend this or do you have another suggestion

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