Caragana hedge

bobboberanSeptember 19, 2008

how long do they live . I have a Caragana hedge and don't know how long its been here I only know the house has been here since 1915 and some areas of the hedge I can pull the root right out with no effort just like the branch is sitting on top of the soil I imagine that could be root rot but it could also be the tell tale sign of its life span coming to an end . The best answer I could find is, "average"... 'whatever that means'

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Can I plant the Caragana Hedge next to my garden ?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you got to be kidding me ed ... you added to a 3 year old post.. rather than start a new one yourself????

and in fact .. OP never got a response.. lol ...

give it a go.. what do you have to lose???


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