montauk daisy

shiane(z7 NY)March 25, 2007

After blooming in the Fall I haven't done anything to my montauk daisies. Should I trim them back now? They do look ugly but are showing new leaf growth along the stems. I know I should cut them down about half on June 1 but what about now? And how short should they be cut down after blooming (like on Dec. 1)? Thanks!

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Brutal pruning is the key, if you want bushy, not floppy, Nipponanthemum nipponicums (try rolling that new $50 name off your tongue in a hurry!). . .for years, I would cut them back by half, and by season's end they were 4-foot tall and sprawling all over their neighbors. . .

Then a friend showed me how to cut them way back in early
Spring (leave them up over winter) to no more than six inches -yes, you'll be cutting off stems wth lots of little emerging leaves - not to worry, more (less leggy)
will follow. Now, continue pinching off the tips of new
stem growth whenever it is 3 inches to 5 inches long up
until mid-July (it's the same regimen you use with all the members of the "former" chrysanthemum family). It's also
a good idea to divide these plants about every three years
because they can get really massive!


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shiane(z7 NY)

Thanks Carl, that was great. I will cut them back tomorrow!

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I have tons of them and I cut them back really hard in December and then not quite as hard in June but harder than regular mums. They really put on a display of beautiful daisies in the Fall, if you prune them right. Good luck


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Carl and Carrie, great information. I found an orphan just sitting in a pot about 3 years ago in front of someones house for the trashman. It was only 3 inches and a single stem. Now it is beautiful and huge. I found the heavy prune in Spring is the best. But now I want to know about dividing. Any suggestions? Is Fall an ok time? And any suggestions or caution in doing so? Thanks, David in Massachusetts.

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Hi...I believe the rule of thumb is to divide fall blooming perennials in the spring.

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lagrangeny(z6 NY)

The nice lady from Jersey sent me this advice :

"...As for the Montauk Daisy (one of my favorite perennials) - I find mine do best when I follow the simple advice to cut them back by at least 1/2 twice a year: December 1 and June 1. If you want more Montauk Daisies, you will probably have great success rooting those June 1 cuttings - just stick them in pots of starting medium, set them in dappled shade, and keep moist until they've struck roots; at that point you can move them out to full sun. Keep them well watered their first summer, after which they'll be established well enough to thrive in a rather dry soil. They will probably bloom for you the first fall...."

I already hacked mine back (December 1 session) for 2008...will re-hack on/about June 1 of 2009...

....and I'll try to root the cuttings too !

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

LaGrange NY

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Does anyone know if these will be appetizers for the deer?...I planted several on the property last Fall and was wondering if I need to start spraying them with deer repellant...Thanks for any help.

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Deer frequent my yard as do rabbits. Every year, the new tender foliage of the Montauk is nibbled back. I am not positive who is doing the munching, but it comes at a time when I would normally pinch it back anyway in an effort to keep the plant more compact and less likly to flop at full growth. I let the amimal do it's thing, then spray a repellant on the new growth a couple times till growth is mature. After that nothing seems to bother it. I am more inclined to pin the munching on young rabbits rather than deer.

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I missed the window! I thought I was supposed to prune in July not June. Is it too late to prune my now 3' high Montauk Daisies?

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I would prune them, I think it is okay.... They are like mums, if there are no buds forming, I think they will be fine...

You have nothing to "lose" because they are fall blooming and will probably grow too tall and flop if you don't prune them down a bit right now.

Good luck - let us know


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Thanks Carrie, and lynne. I forgot to cut mine back too. I just realized it this morning as I caught sight of them.

I will cut them back this afternoon.


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I'll have to remove my montauk daisy plant and transplant it. When is the best time to take it out of the ground and transplat?

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I'm thinking about starting with three plants in a seaside area with a fair amount of wind, not much rain[but lots of fog], intense Summer sun, sandy soil with rabbits and deer lurking in the wings. Any suggestions?

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