rfonte649(9 La)February 9, 2011

For those of us who are interested in Bokashi, this is a lot of info on the subject. I am in no way associated or sell this product, but do use it. I believe it is a very economical way to recycle, and u don't need the expensive kit to get started. Very easy to make on your on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bokashi

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Do we really need a Japanese version of this? This really repels me.

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rfonte649(9 La)

Please explain, what repels u?

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I think of Bokashi as 'composting for apartment dwellers'. Since I have space for more taditional composting methods, more complex methods seem alien to me.[outside my comfort zone?] But everyone's methods can gross others out. My daughter calls my compost pile the "rat feeding station" [not true, but that's her take. the whole rotting matter 'thing' grosses her out][SHRUG] Oh well, to each his own. My take on Bokashi, along with its usefulness as a way to deal with food wastes, is that ANYTHING that helps people to become better stewards of our earth, is all to the good. When I looked at the blog, seemed like a lot of people finding joy/pleasure in becoming more self reliant.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Bokashi is not only for food composting, but for septic tank action.

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I don't see how bokashi would add any microorganisms to the septic tank that wouldn't already be there.

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

I like bokashi. Our community garden has been playing around with it and I must say it breaks down fast. So now we have another way to cut down on trash and help the soil. So far the city promotes vermicomposting and conventional composting but a few experienced (fanatical) composters have been raising black soldier fly larva and playing with bokashi. Hopefully in the future there will be lots of city promoted options for disposing of food waste other then the trash bin.

Thanks for the link. It's good to see people all over the world looking at their waste disposal.

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rfonte649(9 La)

Yea shebear, we recycle all our food waste through bokashi or the worm bin. We have one of the sweetest smelling garbage cans on the block.Noting worst than a garbage truck with rotting food in it. Well there are some worst things. We also shred all of our junk mail, but the worms get most of that. The last 2 batches of bokashi was made with sawdust. The next one will be with shredded junk mail.

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The fact that a non-original concept getting a new redundant original japanese name(as if that would make it larger than life), that's what. Or i could give it my own version of names, lets start with "luluwawa" compost style, with added lime to differentiate it from other style, shall we.

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rfonte649(9 La)

I like turtles!

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I'm fascinated with bokashi. I've been experimenting with it. It is a far faster method. I think people may give up on traditional compost methods because they are time consuming. Also, has anyone experimented with bokashi with ivy or invasive weeds? I don't compost these at our house because our compost isn't hot enough.

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