Viburnum blooms

mblanchardSeptember 25, 2011

Dear GardenWeb Members,

I recently found this forum and very glad I did! Sometimes I really feel all "at sea" in the garden!

I have several leather leaf viburnum that bud but never flower. Also, a doublefile viburnum flowered a little about 2 years ago but not since. Unfortunately our soil is very "clayey" and doesn't drain well. I've cut back tree branches to provide more sun. Perhaps that will help next year.

What else can I do?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

they prefer full blasting sun .. how much sun are they actually getting ....

bloom is often associated with not enough sun ... if that is the root problem.. then there is nothing else you can do but move them ... you just cant make up for darkness ...

even if this particular version is supposed to be shade TOLERANT... shade is very hard to quantify ....

what, if any fertilizer are you adding.. excess nitro can also cause problems ...


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They bud but don't flower? Are they actually forming flower buds in fall that are a)don't open in spring or b)disappear over winter?
If b) is occurring, you might want to check on the wildlife. I had squirrels systematically remove every single unopened V. carlesii bud between February and March for 5 year in a row. They never touched the V. farreri though. Plant is much bigger now and there are fewer squirrels so I finally get flowers.

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Thanks for getting back to me! To answer your questions:

The bushes are in 2 locations, both have a southern exposure and receive full sun part of the day. For the first time this year I watered once with Miracle Grow in the hope this would help. Nothing.

Secondly there are flower buds, like now in September, that never open in the spring. My dog keeps squirrel activity to a minimum.

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