Shasta Viburnum Spacing

organicjoSeptember 16, 2010

I rather impulsively purchased 3 shasta viburnums (5 gallon pots) to plant along a fence as a screen/hedge thinking that they would nicely fill in about a 20 foot length of fence. The tag at the nursery identified the shasta as having a mature size of 6' x 6'... sounded like it would fit well and since I love doublefiles, I was excited that I'd found something that would work for that spot. Well, after looking around online I see that the shasta will actually get much wider, more like 10-12' wide. I think I knew this at one time and that is why I had crossed it off my list, I just got excited when I saw 6' x 6'. I am now worried that I don't have the space for these and am frustrated because I feel like I was misled by the tag.

So, here's my question... can I squeeze all 3 of them in anyway? Should I just plant 2 of them maybe 6 or 8 feet apart? Just plant 1 and then get something else to fill in around it? I really want to screen the neighbor's yard, and I want the entire space filled, but don't want to crowd them too much (or the trees that they will be between). What is proper spacing for something like this when you want it to serve as a sort of hedge/screen?

Any advice?

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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

As always, how big depends on how long they have been in place, how well they did in that spot etc. If you arrange as a drift instead of spaced out separate accent points then you won't have to worry about how close they are. The three of them becomes the unit instead of each. Plantings composed of drifts have movement, appear to flow - unlike widely spaced separate specimens, which appear static and stiff.

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Shasta viburnums get at least 12' tall and 12'wide, side to side and front to back. They take up a lot of room. One is plenty for your spot. If you crowd them, they will lose one of their best features, the layered effect of the horizontal branches.

You will have to plant it far out from the fence to allow for its growth in that direction.

Shastas are not good hedge plants unless you are talking about a very, very large space. But they are gorgeous shrubs and well worth having.

Why not give the others as presents to someone who can use them if you don't have other places to plant the other two?

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