weigela transplanting question?

pattio2(z4b - ON)September 17, 2007

I have a small weigela with pink flowers that has been in my garden for 5 years. It has only grown 1 ft. high in that time so I think it must be a miniature type. I want to transplant it to a sunnier location because several surrounding shrubs have grown taller and are shading it. When is the best time to transplant, fall or spring? Will it be happy in a full sun hot and possibly dry location? Any special considerations when transplanting?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

in my zone 5 ... as soon as it losses its leaves.. or in spring as soon as the ground thaws ....

look in the white pages under ON government.. for any type of Agricultural/forestry/soil conservation office.. and give them a call for info more specific to your area .. if you dont get a specific answer here.. ken

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Don't know about your specific cultivar, but my full-sized red weigela is in full sun and is very happy; it got plenty of water for the first year or 2 after planting, and now requires none. It blooms off and on all summer, mostly after we've had some rain.

Mine is going to be shovel-pruned soon, but not because of anything it did to deserve it, it's just to darn big.

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