How to collect beauty bush seeds?

cardarlin(5)September 9, 2010

My parents have a lovely beauty bush growing out by their barn. I was trying to find online how I could easily propagate it to take back to my own house. I tried a cutting a few days ago and its looking dead and pathetic. The purple berries have teeny tiny seeds in them but I'm not sure if that is exactly what I need or if there is another seed pod that develops or anything. The information on the internet is limited so far. I did search the forum but turned up nothing so thought I would post and see if anyone has an idea?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

If you are talking about Kolkwitzia amabilis (the plant most commonly called Beauty Bush), it is very easy to propagate from softwood cuttings or seed.

For softwood cuttings, take cuttings in late spring or early summer. Make sure they are nodal cuttings with three or four nodes. Plant in a moist (not wet), well-draining medium. Rooting hormone is totally optional, but might slightly increase success rates.

For seeds, clean and dry them well. Then, soak them in initially hot (about 150 degrees F)(I let the hot water run a minute to get really hot) water for about 24 hours. In other words don't remove them, as the water cools, for a day. Then cold stratify them for 90 days. I use a moist (not wet) papertowel, sprinkled lightly with cinnamon (to avoid mold/mildew growth). I place that in a ziplock bag and place the bag in my vegetable crisper. I grew a bunch of them last year and had very high (near 100%) germination rates.

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