When to pull the plug on viburnum

wanieta(z5 PA)September 20, 2009

I planted three Blue Muffin Viburnum this spring. A couple of weeks ago they seemingly and suddenly died - all of the leaves turned brown and dried up. I now see that new leaves are forming along some of the branches. As you in the northeast know, this was an unusually wet summer. Do you think this may have contributed to the problem? What should my next step be? Thanks.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

I'm about to pull the plug on my 4 year old 'Blue Muffin' and its pollinator 'Red Feathers'. I've yet to see a berry, and the Viburnum dentatums are preferred by the deer to all other viburnums.

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I would not toss the plant yet - it may sprout back from the roots come spring.

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laceyvail, I also have Red Feather, and it blooms later than Blue Muffin, so it's not a suitable pollinator. My next acquision for berries on my B.Muffin will be 'Little Joe'. It's in the same Klehm cultivars series of early bloomers, as B.Muffin.

wanieta, I would wait til next spring to decide.

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Its time for the the Vicar of Viburnums to weigh in. ;)

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Paula, they bloom at the same time for me.

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Why don't you have berries lacey?

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Mike Larkin

Chicago Lustre should overlap with Blue Muffin. It starts a little later but Blue Muffin should still be in flower.
Depending on the amount of sun and the age of the plant, will also impact berries.


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I have Chicago Lustre for my Blue Muffin and I have very few berries on BM. Interestingly, I have a bunch of wild spreading dentatums in another part of the yard and they are loaded with berries this year. I didn't know they were deer attractors. That's not a good thing to hear.

As far as premature leaf loss, it sounds like they were too dry. Sometimes rainfall is deceiving for watering new plants. If they were substantial size, those rootballs really need a LOT of water initially to get settled.

Either that or some insect had a field day. If all 3 of them had the same problem at the same time, that doesn't seem too likely. It would take some time to work from one plant to another. Insect damage is usually in sections.

Did you contact the vendor?

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I think you should leave your plants alone and be patient in the spring. If we have a period of drought, I'd give them some water. You have to hope that your plants are in root development mode and will recover for spring.

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Chicago Lustre does not overlap with Blue Muffin in my yard.
They're several weeks apart, Blue M. being fully out of bloom when Chicago starts.

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