Large Compost Tumbler

exmarFebruary 16, 2013

Hi Folks,

This may be "off topic" however this forum seems appropriate.

I have a large Compost Tumbler, think it cost around $350 delivered about 10 years ago. Like a lot of my "half fast" ideas seemed a good idea at the time, however, decided it wasn't. It's been taking up space in my barn ever since and I want to list it on Craigs List.

My question, has anyone seen these for sale used and how much should I ask for it? It's in good condition, used very little, some surface rust.

Thanks for your time,


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General rule of re-selling. When you walk out the door with it, the resale value drops at least 25%. If I"m going to buy one at near-retail price, why not buy it from the store and be sure - and get the store return policy? If it shows any evidence of use at all, take off another 25% - if I'm buying someone else's used stuff, I expect a bargain.

You can always put a high price on an item on Craigslist - you'll get calls offering less pretty quick if it's a popular item. Bargain from there. If it were me, I'd figure that my $350 was long gone, so I'd price it to sell, then add 10% just because. If you price it too high for the market, you can always re-list it. The problem there is that buyers might expect you to keep dropping the price. Good luck.

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I gave my tumbler (same name and price!) away free. I only used it for two years before deciding it was a poor way to compost. After another two years of sitting outside empty, the center bar rusted out and I was glad to give it away.

One guy said when he took his wastes out to the rural dump he saw a bunch of tumblers sitting there. On the other hand, some composters seem quite happy with their tumblers.

Check the local papers to get an idea of what is worth.

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I have 2 of the one chamber Compost tumblers, mine never had a center interior bar, just side fins. I like mine though. I'm in SW Pa. I have no way to haul it away. I wouldn't pay more than $100.00, I would have to get a freind to drive her truck and meet you half way maybe. If that is more bother than you want to go through that's fine. It would have to be next month also, I'm broke right now. I am not interested if the rust is on the lid that hooks on, unless it is removeable with a bit of sandpaper and not important.

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Do your self a favor...buying compost bins are bad for the enviroment...they are made in china (shipping deisel) then trucked to a store (deisel) take up shelf space (coal to light the store) You have to drive the thing home in an automobile (gasoline)...take your organic matter and till (2 gallons a year) it into your garden in Oct and it will be decomposed by march and you will have 100 times as much organic matter incorportated than these goofy tubs . Im beeing consistant kimmers....

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Well, As of now the tumbler is already in South East Ohio, and I am in South West Pa. So if we are close to each other and he will settle for $100.00 Bucks for it, it's better than him letting it rust in place, if I can make some good compost in it. If he is too far from me, I won't make the trip anyway.

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Thanks for the responses.

Poaky, if you want to drive that far, I'll let you have it for $100, but I'm sure you can find one closer. Send me an email (click on my name) and I'll send you more info and pics if you want. That's a long drive though.


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ExMar I will just say Forgedaboutid. My friend with the truck is always busy anyway. I have 3 homemade tumblers I could put back into service if I needed to I guess.I will have to build a frame for them but the 2 Commercial ones I have are 4 times bigger than the homemade ones anyway.

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