Need small climber for east facing fence!

oberciApril 29, 2014

I have a sitting area with a bare wooden fence as its backdrop. I would like to add a relatively small ( I only have about an 8 foot wide section of fence to cover) climbing rose and a clematis to add some appeal to the area.

I'm looking for an apricot/peach colored rose or something creamy white. It is east-facing.

What are your thoughts on the following?

*Lady of Shallot Rose--the DA website says this can be a small climber, and if it is a good repeat bloomer this is my top choice.

*Royal Sunset

I'm open to other suggestions as well, and can get a photo up of the area sometime tomorrow :)

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

'Colette', if you can find it. Very nice small climber.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I love my 'Colette'. The blooms are smaller so she's perfect for smaller areas and up close viewing. She's amenable to training, very little disease in my unsprayed bed, colors vary from apricot to pink to peachy pink. A fun rose that plays nicely with perrenials. I think she would be overwhelmed with large flowered clematis. Needs the smaller viticella size. IMO

'Royal Sunset' is the opposite. I love it's shade of orange - coppery? Its main canes grow into strong tree-like ____ stumps? Pruned it could be kept at 8 ft. Mine likes to be 10 feet. The most gorgeous display when some blooms fade to a peachy shade. Excellent wafting fragrance and outgrows any touch of blackspot. It's a more dominant presence in the garden. Smashing with the colors of 'Chicago Peace'. "Venus Violette' clematis worked with her.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Colette should be available at Heirloom Roses soon, and they're selling bands as well as larger sizes now.

Several Austins might be possibilities. I'm growing Wollerton Old Hall. Its gorgeous blooms are deeply cupped, in a creamy color with just a hint of the palest apricot. It seems easy to train, and is blooming beautifully this hot and erratic spring. I don't know how big it will get or how well it will continue to repeat through the rest of the year, since this rose is new to me.

Another new rose I'm falling in love with is Crown Princess Margareta. It's said to be a small climber, has been easy to shape on a wall, and is a true apricot that pales to a lovely effect on the outer petals, giving the impression of a sheer fabric over a pastel. Again, I can't say a thing about how this rose will perform down the line, because I don't know yet, but there's an ongoing thread with photos and feedback from people more experienced.

The many Westerlands I've grown have not done well for me.

I've gotten great advice on this forum, and I wish you the same. Below is a picture of Wollerton, and I'll post Crown Princess right after.


Here is a link that might be useful: Colette at Heirloom Roses

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Below is a picture of Crown Princess Margareta. I apologize for the quality -- the picture above was taken at dusk, and the one below was taken at night. For me, CPM's coloration is a true apricot, without yellow, orange, or pink highlights, but other threads here show better pictures.

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I would not recommend Westerland as a climber. Pretty colors and it was beautiful with my bricks on my house but it was stiff and stubby. Once it is adult size, it is not pliable for training.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Oops, it's 'Venus Violacea' clematis. Sorry.

(still not finding how to edit a post. What do I click on? TIA)

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