Trimming damaged boxwoods

vintagevtSeptember 23, 2011

I realize it's not the ideal time of year to trim boxwoods, and that it's advisable not to trim them in the first few years as they get established, but Hurricane Irene did a good bit of water damage to the backside of our boxwoods we planted earlier this summer. They're planted directly in front of our house's front porch. Our porch roof couldn't drain quickly enough during the storm, and a good amount of water went over the porch roof and down the backside of these boxwoods. The front and middle of the shrubs look fine, but the backside is entirely brown and dead. Would you go ahead and trim to remove the dead, or wait until next year?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

can you see any buds?? ..

scratch what you think is a dead branch.. if there is green under.. there is a chance they will rebud ...

if not.. cut out the dead.. and see how they re-develop next summer ...

perhaps a picture would help ... if you cant tell ...

all that said.. perhaps they are a bit too close to the house???? .. on the other hand.. what are the odds of another hurricane????


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They're about 3 ft from the basement wall. The porch roof overhangs the porch by a good bit. Good for sitting on the porch in bad weather, apparently bad for the boxwoods. :P The boxwoods (1 ft. diameter?) are still small, since we just planted them this year. Too close to the house?

We generally have black thumbs. Example, we planted 2 Karl Foersters in our backyard this year, one died, the other only grew up maybe 2.5 feet or so? Not what we were going for. :(

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the other only grew up maybe 2.5 feet or so? Not what we were going for.

===>>> if it lived.. then you win on that one... but you have to get over having expectations of it not growing fast enough ...

it can take up to 3 years.. for a new planting to grow the roots to start growing explosively ....

you problem in regard to this one.. is not the plant.. but your high expectations ...

who knows why the other died ... lets claim it was poor stock.. lol ...

any chance at a pic on the boxwoods???

but again.. they are alive ... you had a 100 year storm.. stuff happens .... you cant really attribute a hurricane to your black thumb????

did you do the scratch test??? see below ...

the first lesson to learn on your way to a green thumb ...

if it lives.. good enough ...

second rule

set aside 'your' expectations.. and let a living plant do its thing ...

third rule

once you establish that a branch is dead.. remove it PROPERLY .... [but its fall ... so it might not be dead ... and that is what we are trying to figure out]


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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