Euonymous Death

windycitysmile(5)September 28, 2011

One of my colleagues planted two Euonymous alata 'Compacta' at a client's home two years ago. We got a call from the client this week saying one of the shrubs was almost completely dead. Euonymous aren't my preferred shrub in light of their size but for the sake of symmetry the client would like a straight replacement. I am nervous to do a replacement though without knowing what killed the first one. The two shrubs are planted on either side of the front steps. They are against the front of the house on the East facing side in part shade conditions. They received adequate moisture and have no signs of distress from insects or disease. We are past the major heat of the summer and the client gave it extra water when the leaves began to brown believing it to be drying out. According to the client the decline happened quickly though she didn't give me an exact timeline. When broken, the branches do not show any signs of green on the inside. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the plant would decline so suddenly?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

2 years later.. and you are going to take the word of the homeowner that there was ADEQUATE water... she didnt water the thing until it was already dead ...

my diagnosis ... excessive heat and drought with an inattentive homeowner ...

i would prefer PROPER watering ....

are you replacing it under a warrantee ???? .. very generous after 2 years ....

i predict you wont know.. until you dig it up.. and see what happened to the root system ....

improper planting.. would be the other option in regard to a root bound potted plant ... but that would be questioning you.. so i will stick with blaming the homeowner.. lol ..


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I have trouble believing that it is due to lack of water though. None of the other plants in the planting bed have anything indicating a lack of water. Including another shrub of the same variety. It seems odd that one plant would get missed in the watering so often that it died from lack of water.
No, our warrantee is only for a year. But the new shrub WILL be covered which is why I hesitate to put a new shrub where the same exact one has just died. And it's possible that it was improperly planted, I know our guys aren't infallible, but it also seems odd that it would take two years and suddenly decline.
Thanks for your response.

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Mice and other rodents like these, have you checked the collar for girdling by mice/rabbits? This is usually more of a problem in the winter though. Also look up, if this zone 5 is in the NE we have had record rains, is the plant under a drip point? Drought and too much water, as I am sure you know, can look exactly the same.

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I haven't checked for rodents but I'll take a look. The client belonged to my colleague last season so I'm not familiar with the property but I will definitely look into the drip line issue.
Thanks for your response.

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