Are these Privet Dying?

zooba72September 4, 2012

I planted approximately 100 privet as perimeter hedge. They were planted in two batches, Novembe 2011, and May 2012. About four from the initial planting are showing signs of yellowing and I'm concerned. Can anyone comment on whether this looks like lack of Nitrogen, lack of water, or something like a honey fungus? The latter would be a disaster. I posted a few pictures:ät=IMG00041-20120903-1402.jpg

Most of the hedge looks good. These four happen to be very close to a Maple tree and did have some arborist wood chips as mulch. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.

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Depending where you are, I'd suspect lack of water before anything else, given the heat and drought much of the country has experienced. And even more especially given the situation with the maple. Native maples tend to have very greedy root systems and it is often very difficult to establish anything in their immediate vicinity.

What is that yellowish looking substance on the ground in the third photo?

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That's probably Bone Meal ... I added a little sprinkle to each of the four.

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