Anemone hybrida Harmony series

sheltiecheMarch 27, 2009

Just seen one in our local HD, of course as first flowers it is absolutely stunning, had to have one- tag was saying - hardy to -30 but was sure there was some caveat to it- of course, am reading it is anemone coronaria which is not fully hardy as bulb here. So basically I just bought very expensive annual...

well, my amorphophallus konjac is about to bloom, maybe I just put them in one pot together ;)

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I think I saw these too. The blue ones are astounding. I went back to get one and they were all gone. The red is all they had left. I bet the blooms don't last long though.

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I have to stop going to HD too, I just purchased some as well, and am kinda ircked that sometimes they do not sell plants hady in our zones like several rhododendrons, heathers,(and now these).

Heather, trully nice plants and mine we in bloom from October thru December, and once Jan/Feb rolled around they went brown. Rhodies, same thing, I brought R. elegans which is doing fine, and brought another which turned completely brown as soon as the temps went below zero.

Anyone have any luck with the Anenome x hybrida "Harmony Blue" returning year after year? I just purchased the dang plants and am considering taking them back - no wonder people in my town refuse to garden when half the stuff at the local nurseries are from South Carolina.

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I am planning to keep mine in the pot and overwinter in cold basement. It is cute, but as bulb does not tolerate temps lower than 28F so...

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wannabeGardnr(7 Maryland)

So did this come back for any of you? I saw it in Lowe's yesterday and fell in love. I was not allowed to buy it, because I bought enough unknown plants :(, but I could go back for it.

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Campanula UK Z8

They are like ranunculus in that they need to be in growth early in January so they have enough foliage to sustain flowering, which they are programmed to do as soon as the daylength starts to increase towards the vernal equinox. After that, they want to put energy into building up next years tuber so planted in spring is hopeless - they may struggle to flower the first year but have often not managed to get enough energy to build the tubers up for following years. Best planted in autumn, then baked dry all summer when they are naturally dormant.

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wannabeGardnr(7 Maryland)

A previous post says bulb does not tolerate temps lower than 28F and if they need to be planted in Fall, and growing in January, I probably can't grow it in USDA zone 7, in Maryland? Could over-wintering in a pot in an unheated garage, and then bringing the pot out in March work? Today our temperature is 17 degree F. Is this cold enough to kill potted tubers?

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Campanula UK Z8

Yes, you can do that and the anemones will flower later but will possibly not come back so reliably the following year. I keep a few of mine outside in pots all winter but in truth, I doubt they would survive extended freeziness in anything but the most free draining and friable of soils.

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