Success in establishing potted Callirhoe involucrata?

Ispahan Zone6a ChicagoMarch 31, 2012

Hi all,

Today I planted 12 Callirhoe involucrata from High Country Gardens. They were very nice little plants--some even have flower buds--but were growing in very small pots and consequently were very rootbound. Many already had a very thick, nearly bulbous root that was twisting around the pot a bit. I did gently tug apart the root systems when planting them, and then I watered them in with a seaweed starter solution. So far, they have not wilted at all.

I keep reading online that these are fussy to transplant with only a limited success rate. Anyone have any firsthand experience? I would love to establish these successfully in my garden since I love their dark, screaming magenta color.

Thanks in advance for any help,


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I have Callirhoe growing but I can't remember if I started it from seed or planted a pot. I don't remember having any problem with them at all. They seem to be pretty sturdy plants that have increased in size, come back well every spring, and I noticed this year, I have seedlings from them. Exuberant growth, too.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you had ten.. why not experiment..

take a couple.. and use the hose to totally blast off all the media.. and plant them in the native soil ...

then at least.. if one or the other sets fail.. you will have learned something..

what i am not sure.. but something.. lol ..


ps: when dealing with multiples.. always try different things.. thats how most of us learned.. and it cuts your odds should you have made a fatal mistake in your first chosen option ...

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From everything I've read, they are pretty tough...I think they should be ok since there were just in's more transplanting them after they've become established and put down roots thats a problem. I think they form a very thick (almost turnip-like) taproot. I think as long as they are kept well-watered while they settle in, they should be fine. I actually just placed an order with High Country the other day and totally forgot to order some Callirhoe...drats! Post pics if you can, am always interested in seeing what companies send out through mail-order.

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northerngirl_mi(Z5 MI)

I planted 1 or 2 from gallon pots many years ago... had no trouble establishing them, but I don't think they were rootbound...

They are not a fussy plant... they appear to be related to the mallow that I have - seem to have some common characteristics..(no idea what kind of mallow- the mallow seeds around like crazy, and develops a tap root - However, I have seen no obvious self-seeding from the calliroe.)

It is a 'weaver' for me... love the deep magenta blooms.

Z5 northern Mi

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

Thank you for the input, guys! So far so good with these plants. There has been no growth yet above ground, but it has been less than a week since I planted them and temperatures have been cool. They certainly haven't pouted at all, so hopefully they are getting starting on growing a vigorous root system. It could just be my imagination, but they almost seem relieved to have been freed from their tiny pots.

Sorry, scottyboipdx, I forgot to take pictures before I planted them. But they were very nice specimens, though small and root bound.

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