Deer ate my new roses will they survive?

illutionaryApril 13, 2014

I ordered a prominent rose from rogue valley this year. It was in a 3x3 inch band and then potted for about a week. Today I found it had no leaves at all form theses beasts. Will it make a comeback with so little elves and roots or should I order a new one?

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It will survive, but you need to put its pot somewhere where the deer cannot get it, or surround it with a deer proof cage, or something. Roses are very tough. I would, after saving it, leave it in its (I hope at least 1 gallon?) pot for about 6 months so that it can grow roots, and then plant it in the ground (again, inside of a deer proof cage for the first 2-3 years until it can get some height). We have deer here, and that is what I do.


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It may come back. Do you know if it was deer, rabbits, caterpillars or wombats that did the damage? It if was deer, you need to find a way to keep them away from your plant. They have strange eating habits. They may leave something alone for decades and then it becomes food.

You can try taste or smell based products, but they haven't worked for me. There are three ways to keep deer from eating a rose; enclosing an entire area with a very tall fence, deer cages or training the growth to be above about 4 feet. This is for climbers and staked canes.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, what a shame! I don't have deer (knock wood) but the rabbits do a number on mine. The best thing is a fence or to cage them some how so they can't be eaten. it's the most effective way to go. Repellents only work for a time and you have to be vigilant about applying them regularly. But eventually they get used to it and ignore it and you have to change tactics.

I think your rose will come back. As long as the stem remains green it should grow new leaves. Keep it away from the deer though because it will only have the energy to do that a couple of times before it will die.

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