Ariens snowblower repair.

kt01January 4, 2010

I have an Ariens sno-thro model 10m4 (mid 60's). I need to replace the friction disc. (it's the one with the rubber on it bolted to the sprocket axle.) Can any one tell me the easiest/best way to replace this.It looks like the whole drive carriage is on two rods that can be removed to allow the carriage to pivet so the shaft can be removed.Am I on the right path or is there another procedure I should follow.There's a lot of parts in there and I dont want to remove something I dont need to.



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Kirk: I actually just finished replacing mine on my Craftsman , I would assume the mechanics are the same. The Friction wheel rides on a axle shaft suppported by to bearing blocks which are connected to the chassis housing. If this is accurate with your unit then removal is allowed by removing the gear driven assembly from the chain drive. Mine was solid chain without master link perhaps yours has such. Sometimes if access is tight your may have tp remove your drive axle assembly also since the jackshaft that the friction disc is usually above it. Check yours out and it should appear rather straight forward , I would recommend a master link on your chain drives if yours only has one on the wheeled axle drive assembly . Good luck , perhaps someone can assist with illustration or Repair Manual for Kirk ? Don't forget to lubricate all bearing and chains , keep the friction disc & Friction Wheel clean from oil or grease.

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I took one apart recently and had to remove the bearings on both sides of the hex steel rod. It was a little tricky to get the chain without a master link and the shaft to go back together. It was a first for me and took under an hour.

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Baymee you did a fine job in just an hour. My son had to help me with alignment and replacing the cap screws into the chassis , for the Bearing Pillow Blocks , pretty well a two man job unless you have a special jig. I was pissed when I noticed that the Chain on the jack shaft was endless and it was Sunday so I could not find a master link. Have one now so will install prior to any other repairs lol. We will have to see how KT makes out.

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