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sunflowers1988January 15, 2014

Hello fellow gardeners,
I've just bought a house with a good sized garden and am now resolved to become green fingered this year. I need to buy some good garden products, such as lawnmower, hose pipe, strimmer and wanted to check if anyone knows the best sites or brands to purchase for a novice. Are any particularly good to buy from? I've not found it easy so far. I know it's a bit early in the season to need them but wanted to have a good idea in advance.


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If you would explain what is your definition of good size, acres? yard? etc it would be easier to point you to places that would server you needs.

ie If you are talking about acres, then you should consider a place like you John Deere Dealer. If your are talking about a hundred square feet then there are entirely different places.

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It's a good time to do your research and make decisions that hopefully you don't have to repeat. Not all of the best decisions are conventional. As knuttle noted, size of the project area would be helpful. If you have an existing garden, will you want to till it or do no till methods? Tillers can be rented or bought in just about any shape and size. The person in an arid area and a small lawn has different challenges that a person with a large lawn or thick grass to cut for 8 or 9 months out of the year. Hand tools are definitely best bought with quality in mind and all in all, over the years are much cheaper and less frustrating in the long run. Tell us more and post pics. We'll have some fun!

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Thanks so much for this.

Here's the picture, I live in England so it's pretty wet most of the year.

Are there any particularly reliable brands or ones that just have really good service to help you with the tools before you buy and after you've bought them? Thanks again for this, excited about getting them now.

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I can see why you are excited! A very nice setting indeed. I'm personally not familiar w/ brands where your spot is on the map.Visit some of the local retailers in the area and meet some of those new neighbors. There's no place like home...

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When it comes to hand tools, couldn't agree more that you should buy quality and learn to care for them if you don't know how.

I agree with visiting your local dealers, etc. and see what they have and recomend. Availabilty of service on power tools is crucial.

Investigate your new area, see if there are garden clubs, etc. you could join and ask folks what they have and would buy again. Neighbors, "ditto."

Make a realistic assessment of your gardening needs. Do you have a large family and plan on freezing, canning, etc? A lot of folks go "too big" when they first start gardening and end up with tons of surplus veggies, you can only give away so much.

Good luck,


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Since you are in England where everyone is a serious gardener, I think the garden club or just your neighbors would be a good start. In the states recently (but perhaps now defunct) Smith and Hawkin used to sell well made, dammed expensive English/American Bulldog Tools. They are now also known as and are probably available over there if you want to go for some lifetime tools. Don't leave them out in the damp for years like I tended to do.

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