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northwestGAHomeOwnerSeptember 25, 2011

Hi all. I want to move four box hedges from their current location in order to redesign a bit. The hedges are about 5-6 years old, sit in the front of my house where they get full sun and sit in a container above a retaining wall.

I want to put them on one side of my house that gets sun around noon - 1pm-ish. The hedges would get more nutrients in the new location and more room for growth but I'm concerned about the sun requirements. I am afraid they'll be shocked and stressed too much at once.

I need to understand some things. 1) is it too late to even do this ( it is the end of September as of this writing ) 2) will the hedges be losing needed sun

Any advice is greatly appreciated

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i move things when they are dormant... for winter ...

it would seem to me that you are NOT nearing the end of the window of opportunity.. but just getting to it ... i will defer to others with more understanding as to when that in in GA ... or call your county extension office ...

i dont understand what you are saying about sun .. only one hour.. or how many hours starting at noon/one??? .. one hour isnt much sun ... do not be surprised if there is leaf damage on an evergreen when you move it from one sun location to different sun ...

i would not care about nutrients ... unless a soil test indicated something was lacking from your soil ... no fert or anything on transplant ....

of course something you transplant will be shocked and stressed.. nothing to do about that.. other than doing it at the right time and season ...

how big are these things???


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Make sure to keep the root balls intact as much as you can, and plant them at the same depth as before, in unamended soil (no added compost or fertilizer). Water them in well, and keep watering at least an inch per week until there is frost on the ground (in winter). Well, I lived in Georgia and don't remember there being frost, so that may not apply to you. Boxwood doesn't need full sun, but they may drop some leaves initially as they adjust to the lower light in the new location. They should be just fine once they settle in. You will know all is well when they start to push new growth at the tips. Boxwood grows very slowly, and that may not be until next year (earlier in Georgia). I have moved my inkberry hedge (with a very similar habit) a couple of times, always in spring, but it is much colder here. Ideal weather to transplant most shrubs in clay soil is cool and rainy. Hope that helps! :0)

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