Portable Handheld Vacuum

lbpodJanuary 5, 2011

Does anyone out there know of a GOOD battery

operated handheld vacuum cleaner? I've

had a couple over the years and the problems

are the same as with the drills. . . THE BATTERY.

Replacement batteries cost more than the tool.

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Don't you just live for buying new batteries? I have a battery store by me- Batteries Plus that is quite reasonable in rebuilding the old pack. Check the charger output first if you go route. Or have them do it. My car vacs are both corded for the record.

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Actually, I live for the day a tool manufacturer will
not try to rape their faithful customers that bought
their tools in good faith. Wouldn't it be great if
they sold the replacement batteries for just a reasonable
profit? I'm sure these batteries have at least a 500%
markup. I converted a 12V DeWalt drill to 'corded',
just to get some more use out of it because I refused to
pay their batt. prices. Even the battery retailers are
not cheap. I'm just looking for a 'decent' hand vac
to pick up a few crumbs on the carpet, or a little
speedy dry on the garage floor, without having to unravel
a cord.

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" I converted a 12V DeWalt drill to 'corded'" THAT is good! I have a Dewalt 12v drill and light that I use around the shop. A week after I re-did the battery and chuck, there was a killer Hitachi deal on Amazon for a drill light combo. . .

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I too got tired of the handheld vacuums not being what I expected and I bought a Bissel model "Pet Hair Eraser".
It is a handheld that operates off of 120 volts. It has a 16 foot power cord so it is very mobile. It works very well, much-much better than the battery operated one's.
You may want to look at them.

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The only portable hand held vac we have is a Black and Decker which is over ten years old and still works with original batteries? Weak, but picks up after a fashion.

Personally I got totally disgusted with battery powered tools and went to corded ones. Maybe if you're a contractor and use them continually, subjecting the batteries to the deep discharge and recharge that they like, you'll get decent life. For most of us, a cordless tool on the shelf is almost guaranteed to not work when you need it, then the battery won't take a charge.

My personal favorite are the cordless phones that we all have around the house. The battery starts to die and you investigate replacement, $24.00 plus S&H and the phone cost $29.99??? It must be me, but there seems to be something wrong with this picture?

Good luck,


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