What roses have you, or will you, SP this year?

TNY78(7a-East TN)April 7, 2013

I've really gotten back in the swing of planting for the season and it feels great (although my back may disagree this morning)! I finally got 10 of my 38 bareroots that have been soaking in the garage in the ground yesterday. I decided I didn't want to make anymore new holes than I really needed to, so a few non-performers were removed. Here's what I've taken out, how about you?

Bella'Roma: Had it 4 years and has continued to be a one-cane/one bloom-wonder

Lee Greenwood: miniflora that has pretty blooms, but hasn't bloomed in 2 seasons. It also hasn't grown higher than 6 inches.

Jacquline duPre: blackspot magnet that doesn't bloom :(

The Painter: I think I planted it too late last season and it just up and died...poor thing

"Nacogdoches Rose": Poor thing has shrunk since I planted it. I hard pruned it a couple of weeks ago, and since then its gotten worse.

Gingerbread Man: Cute little potted mini, but died over the winter.

I also dug up Winchster Cathedral, Felicia, Jilatah & Spiced Coffee, but those have been repotted so I can try to baby them some more and hopefully get them going again.


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Lots of reorganizing going on in your gardens, Tammy! Sounds like you have some good plans for this summer.

I think a lot of the ones I planted last May (before I knew any better and found gardenweb) I planted way too shallow and while they gave me some beautiful blooms over the past summer, they have died or I can see the bud union inches above ground so I am certain whatever returns will be Dr. Huey.

Purple Tiger and Peace -- already pulled out because I'm sure they're dead due to shallow planting. I would love to give Purple Tiger another try but have not been able to find another one yet (J&P had them but is out of stock). I have purchased a replacement Peace that will be planted properly!

I believe that these are also goners due to my bad planting...

Pristine (have purchased replacement)
Miss All American Beauty

I'm not really upset about any of that because it was my first year and I'm optimistic I somewhat know what I'm doing now (still a newbie but I know much more than last year!).

It's kind of funny because you can tell where I started planting properly along my fence line because most of them are still alive. (My RU, JP, Edmunds, roses, thank goodness!)

The ones I want to SP just because I am not in love with them are:

Charisma -- in a very prominent location right next to our front porch, it was mislabeled but I was able to identify it as Charisma since I planted a Charisma on purpose along my fence line. This one was a crazy bloom machine but I wanted softer colors or pinks / no reds in that bed. I am planning to put in my Candy Stripe there that I got as a band from RVR and have had growing inside all winter.

Rose Cascade -- alive and thriving but I don't really care for the bloom form in the location it is in, prominent side bed, planning on putting a Climbing Peace there to go up the house. Rose Cascade I bought because the lady at the nursery suggested it and she was so nice and helpful I couldn't say no even though I didn't think I'd love it. I might move it to the back yard or more likely pass it along to me neighbor.

Looking forward to lots of new roses this year, can't wait to get a little warmer weather and start planting!!


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The only one I have SP this spring from the main garden was Falling In Love. Our late freeze did me a favor and killed it. I put Royal Highness in it's place. All the other roses I lost to the freeze were in 3 gal. pots and will be replaced and planted before next winter. (freeze damage post)

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Campanula UK Z8

Phillipa - a horror - huge, disease sump - a dreadful job which I have been putting off because it is such an enormous rose and does look great (for 5 minutes). Will look at the photos I took last year to stiffen my resolve.
Hot Chocolate - a puny wimpish thing which was miserable this winter, leaving just 1 snivelling little cane - hopeless
Summer Song - disaster - persists in growing just 2 long canes, resistant to all attempts to coax new basal growth. It also lounges across a rather choice hulthemia, Alissar, PofP and the juxtaposition(when SS bothers to bloom) is a hideous mash-up of lurid salmon and tangerine.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Glad I'm not the only one who has SP'd some! Makes me feel less evil in some way...but if something isn't performing after you've given it a good chance, why waste good garden space? I also pulled Rhapsody in Blue which I really thought I'd love, but every time it sprouts new growth, it just dies back to the ground again. Maybe I need to try it grafted?

Oh, and since my original post, one of my dogs came running in the house with a newly planted bareroot Cinnamon Dolce in his mouth (which took the place of The Painter). So....Cinnamon Dolce is back soaking in the garage trying to recover :(


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I'll be discarding and burning about 20 Knockouts and the hybrid teas they've infected with RRD...dunno how many yet. Meanwhile the cash registers are singing a happy Knockout Song at every store in town.

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seil zone 6b MI

It's hard to say. There are a number of them but I won't know until I get the beds cleaned and start pruning. Anything that's been a wimp and not growing or blooming is on the list right now. Snowfire for sure is out of here this year.

Tammy, I love how we all play Russian roulette with the beds and the pots, lol!

Andrea, wait! Don't assume that those roses are dead yet. Have you pruned a few inches off the canes and looked at the pith to see if it's white? Mine have only just started to wake up so I'm sure yours are still sleeping. Just because you planted the bud union high does not mean that all those roses are dead. Give them more time and let the weather warm up considerably before you dig them all up. Unless it's something I want to get rid of I never dig out a supposedly "dead" rose until about mid-June. I've been pleasantly surprised by some that just decided to sleep late. You can always dig them up and set them deeper this season to protect the grafts once you know they're alive. And my bet is that some of them still are!

Lol, Ken, I guess you just didn't care for FIL!

Thank you, Camp, for saving me from SS. I have been wanting it for 3 years but your descriptions of it here have made me decide it's not to be!

Laura, so sorry to hear about the RRD. I hope it hasn't infected too many for you.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Well....I like to wait three years, unless I just hate the bloom. For example, Memorial Day (I grow all of my roses in pots) had very few blooms and no scent for THREE years. I thought - Oh my goodness - no scent!!! This rose is supposed to have major scent. Then the 4th year - wow!! - lots of roses and amazing!!! scent. It's one of my top 5 roses now.

So I'm going to shovel prune:

1. Chyrsler Imperial - after 4 years - just one or two bloom a season and really low growth - plus no scent. This one doesn't like it in a pot here.

2. Good Life - flower has turned lovely and lots of them - but no scent. I've discovered since I've begun to grow them in pots that I won't grow a rose that doesn't provide scent. The roses are all at nose level - so they gotta smell nice.

3. Crown Princess Margareta - not sure on this one. Very few roses and only 2 main canes. However, it's only had 2 years here.

4. Paradise - 4 years - very few blooms and no fragrance.

I should probably shovel prune some others that I got last year that haven't done much -I have a lot of new roses coming. But I'm going to give them a bit more time - Perfume Delight and New Zealand.


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Tuggy3(9b NorCal)

I just need room for the roses I really like. Garden web has ruined me for impulse buys and new releases. Also I've been bitten by the OGR bug so I need a few more of those.
None of these were bad growers or disease ridden and might be lovely somewhere else.

As reds go I prefer Kordes or Meilland for this climate. Drop Dead Red and In the Mood are really boring here and purple in the heat.
Honey Dijon takes the heat but a lot of the year it looked like well, grey poupon.
Easy Going-just because it's a sport of Livin' Easy doesn't mean it's as good. Healthy, but again dull and one dimensional.
Fragrant Plum-Good in the heat but slow to repeat and looked fake. Only attractive in the bud stage and a gawky plant.
Wild Blue Yonder-really pretty but slow to repeat and blew in one day. Probably lovely someplace cooler.
Fourth of July-at least one of them anyway. Great rose, vigorous, blooms like crazy, but it's so raucous and nuts next to anything else. I kept one in an out of the way place.

All these came from local nurseries and I realize that living in a small town I really need to mail order if I want anything special.

Campanula I'd be afraid to even look out of the corner of my eye at the ones you described.


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Maryl zone 7a

Ken: When you posted about gleefully digging up your Falling in Love after a cold snap, I ran outside to see how mine survived (we got the cold snap first being west of you). Mine is still alive and doing swell. I really like mine (except the thorns), so two different attitudes about it........I also dug up my decade old Austin "Symphony" yesterday. RRD strikes again. With our Oklahoma winds to carry the mites along, it's something that happens all too often in my little patch........Maryl

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I'm getting totally disgusted with my Souvenir Dr Jamain, but have read it can be really slow to get started. I believe this is his 3rd year, so am planning to fertilize him well this year and then we'll see. Golden Celebration is another on my watch list. It's beautiful right now, in bloom, but last year right after spring flush the leaves turned yellow, covered in blackspot, lost most of the leaves. Will pour the fertilizer and water on, but if that doesn't work will prune it WAY down. This seemed to work with my Abe Darby which for whatever reason it did a turnaround and has turned out to be quite healthy.

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Maryl----My Falling In Love had some nice blooms but being a sort of short bush and winter tender in my area (last year it suffered some winter damage but survived), it was at a disadvantage at all times. She had Gemini on one side, Let Freedom Ring on the other side and Peace behind it. All big monster blooming machines. When I checked all the roses a few days after the hard freeze, all the canes on FIL had split down the middle. The only other rose that showed this was one young cane on Stainless Steel. If a rose can't handle my winters, I don't need to fight with it. Now I winter protect the lower 12/18" of all my roses but the top of the roses are on their own.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

In my garden I took out over the winter a 'Climbing Iceberg', which had become way to big for the space I had it growing in. It will be replaced most likely by 'Auckland Metro'.

Also 'Zephirine Drouhin' had to go, because I only got one spring flush out of her, despite lots of water and fertilizer. That spring flush was amazing though, but in my small suburban garden a once flowering rose is simply not working for me, when I can have three to four flushes from another variety.

'Baronne Prevost' will be taken out soon as well. This rose mildews badly for me and has long canes that only leave out at the top. Repeat is not that great either. I know that for some people this is a wonderful rose, but unfortunately not in my garden. I am thinking of replacing it with 'Mary Rose', which seems to be a bloom machine here and also promises to grow into a nice bush. Besides that it is fairly healthy so far.

Change it good :-)!


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Christina, this is a perfect example of how a rose can be great for one person, and terrible for another. Zephy and Baronne Prevost are two of my best performers here in Knoxville :) I wouldn't be without them...but I'm sure some of the roses that do terrible for me, would do wonders in your garden!

Ogrose, I'm feeling the same way about my Souv du Dr Jamain! I left him in the ground for 3 seasons and he didn't do a thing! Last spring I dug him up, repotted him, and he still didn't grow. He's healthy, just stunted! So for now he's living happily in a pot...not sure what else I can do for him :( I'm also having the same experience with Golden Celebration's BS tendency, but I've only had it for a year, so it will be given at least another year to show me what it can do.

Tuggy, Honey Dijon=Grey Poupon...completely agree! It decided to leave my garden on its own terms last year when it finally died. Good ridence!


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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)


Can I ask what part of Zone 10 you are in that Baronne does not do well in? I have that one on my list as doing well in my area (also zone 10)

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