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jetson53January 29, 2010

My Ariens snow thrower has 12 volt electric starter, battery, and electrically controlled discharge chute. While blowing, chute speed slowed then stopped. Turned off blower and starter motor continued to turn?? Tapped motor with hammer and motor stopped. Would not re-start until cooled down. This continues to happen and chute will not turn when electric start does not work. All will work occasionally?? Any suggestions??

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**While blowing, chute speed slowed then stopped.** What does this mean??

**Turned off blower and starter motor continued to turn?? ** You put the key to the stop position and then the machine attempted to start itself?

**Tapped motor with hammer and motor stopped.** Which motor? The main motor or the one that turns the chute? I cannot imaging tapping the main motor with a hammer will cause it to stop running.

The Ariens snow throwers with elctric chute operation had a probelm with the electric motor operating the chute. Water would get into the motor and cause it to malfunction. Tapping this motor may cause it to run angain temprarily. They have redesigned the motor and sealed it better from the elements. If you are still within the warranty or close to it, they will send you one for free as its a factory defect.

I hope I answered what I think you were asking.

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