Shindaiwa 695 (chainsaw) carb adjustment ??

LOUvox50(7 / TN)January 27, 2011

Hi All and I hope you are having a safe and happy 2011!

I'm wondering if someone could tell me the basic, beginning carb screw setting i.e. begin with both ("H" and "L" screw) screws 1.5 turns out, or such, etc. for this saw. Btw it has a small "H" and "L" screw along with a much larger (idle?) screw for a total of 3 carb adjustment screws.

... more ...The saw bogs down under load -meaning it idles ok and then when you start cutting, it just dies down to almost nothing and cannot proceed...

and no, I have not gotten to the fuel filter yet- I will. But, I still need to get the carb to a basic adjustment.



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lou: Sounds like you having fuel starvation issues , but depending on how old the saw is your diaphram and or fuel filters could also be questionable . I would 1st take the ethanol or carb fuel circuit fouling out of the equation . Ensure fresh fuel mix 50:1 along with 2 ounces of concentrated fuel cleaner . Next remove both Hi & Low speed jets and spray carb cleaner within the jets . Next inspect the fuel filter within the fuel tank . Ensure no restriction . Then if all ok reinstall the jets , gently set the jets to bottom then back out 1-1/4 turns . Start saw as usual and allow to idle and warm up . then attempt to increase throttle setting if it appears to throttle up without hesitation your all set . If it bogs then open up the Low speed jet a 1/4 turn out or until it revs up without hesitation . Same with the Hi speed jet if you reach normal wot (wide open throttle) , then turn the jet in until full RPM is reached and then turn it out approx 1/8 to 1/4 turns just to ensure a not to lean mixture . Once this is done you can then set the idle screw so that the chain is just not beginning to turn . You did not say if the saw had been stored for any prolonged period over 30 days or so ? If you do intend to store ensure to use a Stabil Product . I also use Lucas Top end for fuel treatment every 1st tank of the yr . Marvel Mystery OIL is another Product the Forum Members seem to actively Support . Let us know how it works out . Welcome to the Forum Bro !

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LOUvox50(7 / TN)

BIG THANKS, ewalk!!! Much Appreciated!!!!!


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lou: No Problem Glad to be of assistance :)

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