cratmans snowblower

donhuddJanuary 8, 2010

Hi, I am new to this post so bear with me. I bought a used craftmans 2 stage snow blower, while using it last night, I ran over something that got caught in the auger, removed it, but now the augers will not engage, I can spin them by hand very easily. Any help??

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Yep!! Broken auger drive belt! Remove small box/cover in frint of engine area, fish out the old broken belt, go buy a new one, and not an el-cheapo, install it, replace cover, and next time, go out before it snows and bring in the daily paper!

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I think you may have sheared the pins on the auger. Look at the auger shaft, should be a bolt(or 2)going through it. Its your protection when hitting something.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I think Dave has it. Unless you grenaded the gearbox the augers should not turn freely due. If the shear pins are good you may have an expensive problem.

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Ouch hope Canguy is wrong lol ! Dave or Rusty both could be right , but I would lean towards the shaers pins also unless you ran the unit (auger drive) until you burned the belt off it prior to removing the jamm culprit. You would have really smelt burning rubber. I would inspect the Belts also , easly job just a few bolts holding the plastic cover. Read other posts on belt inspection , adjustments chain and shaft lubrication and greasing etc. Sounds like you may be new to Snowblower usage...lots of experienced people on th site . Welcome aboard ..Ty !

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