viburnum leaves with dark red spots and dropping off

doctormom06October 16, 2008

I moved into new home that has 2 viburnum planted on side of house that gets partial sun. One has 50% leaves with red spots on them and alot of leaves have fallen off. The other one looks better but still with red spots. A local garden center recommended I spray with fungicide which I have done every 10 days for the past month and the leaves look no better. Any ideas

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What kind of viburnum is this, do you know? Most viburnums will lose their leaves in the fall anyway. If this is one of those, be sure to gather up the fallen leaves to avoid spreading any disease to the new foliage next year.

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Maryl zone 7a

Spraying with fungicides will not cure the fungus once it is already there. Fungicides prevent the disease from spreading to uninfected leaves. If you spray early enough next year (as the leaves begin to unfold) and at the right intervals (according to package instructions)and the nursery center gave you the correct fungicide for your specific disease, you shouldn't have the leaf spot problem next year. Clean up any fallen leaves from around the plant as they may harbor the fungus over winter. Cercospora leaf spot is the one most often associated with Viburnums. I get it on my "Snowball bush"(Viburnum Opulus Sterile)but not so bad as to make me spray (I save that for my roses). And as esh pointed out, most Viburnums are deciduous so they will drop their leaves in the fall. My Viburnum leaves turn a maroonish color before dropping.

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