question on electric hedge trimmer

exmarJanuary 29, 2011

Hi Folks,

The front of my property has a 5 strand barb wire fence (left over from when this was a pasture/hayfield when I was a kid) and is about a quarter mile long, at least where the yard is. The other side of the fence is the side of a county road and is brush, etc and the honeysuckle, blackberry, locust etc. keep growing through. I've chopped, etc. it down a couple of times since building the house here 10 years ago. Time to do it again or I'll be mowing the grass 4-6 feet away from the fence.

I have never used and know nothing about hedge trimmers. Was wondering if an electric unit could be used to cut back this invasion? I have large lopping shears, axes, chain saws, etc. for the large stuff (which there shouldn't be too much of). Power would be provided by a 3250W generator in a trailer behind one of the tractors.

I'm thinking of electric due to cost over the gas units. Also don't want another 2 cycle engine which only gets run every 3-4 years. Some of the "best picks" out there seem to be in the $60-70 price range with 2 year warranties. This is very enticing when compared to doing it by hand.

Again, know nothing about these units, how large a branch will they cut? Would tackling something this large even doing only the small stuff kill the machine?

Thanks for your time,


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I think the most important thing to look for is the size of branch the trimmer can handle. The price goes up with the size. I didn't know this when I bought my trimmer and I ended up with one much smaller than I need. I won't do that again.

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Just ordered a B&D HT018 from Amazon. It's an 18", dual action, 5/8" cut and has a lot of very favorable reviews. For my application, the 18" blade should work fine. Two year warranty, and it's only $48.92 delivered.

If I was routinely trimming hedges, think I'd have gone with something with a longer blade.

Thanks for the input,


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A B&D corded hedge trimmer is a good choice. I have had my HT012 for 2-3 years now and had absolutely no problems with it. I preferred the 22" because it requires a little less work on my part.

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