Ethanol gas mix for Ariens Snow Blower Tecumseh engine

mbiberJanuary 13, 2008

The manual for the Tecumseh engine of my Ariens snow blower specifies gasoline without added ethanol. In Massachusetts gas pumps indicate that the gas contains up to 10% ethanol. Any suggestions?

Also, over the course of the warm months is it better to run the motor until it consumes all the gas or to add Stabil to gas in the tank and leave it through those months?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Ethanol is a fact of life, we are stuck with it. That amount will not hurt anything. I prefer to use a stabilizer as there is still a small amount of fuel left in the system after running dry.

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I like to use Stabil also for the same reason as canguy. Also if you can start it up in the summer a couple of times. I've been doing that with my snowmobiles for years with no problems. Steve

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I run my Ariens engine dry in the spring after using it with Stabil during the winter season. I then remove the spark plug a squirt a little Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder and pull it over a few times to lubricate the cast iron sleeves. This works good for me. Charles Ranheim

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I drain the gas, run it dry then put a little 2 stroke oil in the cylinder and pull it a couple times. Works for me every time. My stuff doesn't sit more than 6 months without being started though. If it's going to be more than 6 months then I would do the exact same thing except the last tank of gas I ran through it I would have stabil in.

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I have an Arians snower and live in MA too. The 10% will not hurt your engine. There mainly telling not to use E85 which I don't think is even available in MA. In order to use E85, you would have to modify your fuel system. E85 has a higher octane contant, but you use more of it so you have to rejet for it. Also, E85 is more corrosive than regular gas so fuel lines etc may have to be changed. In a nutshell, stay away from E85 in you snowblower.

As soon as I fill up my gas containers I put stabil in them. That way I don't worry about it if the gas sits for a period of time. I usually run my snow blower dry in the spring. Going on 6 years and it starts first pull.

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I take a different approach and fill the tank COMPLETELY to the brim with stabilized fuel before storage. Eliminate ALL dead air space. No air, no moisture condensing in the fuel.
I also use the stabilized fuel the last time (or 2?) I use it so that the ENTIRE fuel system has it throughout. Just dumping a bit in a full tank doesn't do any good down in the carb.

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I do what you do with my JD325 tractor. I keep the tank full with stabalized fuel. I also start it every month or two during the winter to circulate the oil and keep the battery charged. I run it for about 15 to 20 minutes each time to make sure it drives out any moisture. I have done the same thing with my CC tractor for 35 years, and never had a starting or running problem when the mowing season comes around. Charles Ranheim

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