Homelite Super XL Automatic

adamhouseholderJanuary 12, 2008

I just bought a used Homelite Super XL Automatic with a 20" blade. This is my first chainsaw and of course it did not come with a manual. the serial number is 43081317. I wanted to know if anyone can tell me the fuel/oil mixture for this saw.

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I use the 50-1 mix that covers all two cycles and don't fool with what this and that uses. I do mix it to .9 a gallon instead of a full gal.being a little oil rich makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol

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Great saw. If I remember it called for 16:1. I would use 50:1 but only with a good synthetic 2 cycle pre-mix. Otherwise 16:1.

Good Luck

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canguy(British Columbia)

IMHO, 50:1 is just fine with modern highly concentrated two stroke oils. That model was last built over 30 years ago and oil technology has changed drastically since then.My buddy insisted on mixing 16:1 for his old Johnson outboard just like he did as a kid, he does not like change, but the engine was hard to start, would not idle, and puked a creamy sludge from the exhaust port. This was unburned oil mixed with cooling water.

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Here we go again...

16:1 was suggested because at the time the saw was made and sold, 30wt oil was mixed with gasoline to make 2-stroke mix. The oil did not stay in suspension, was not well-suited to 2-stroke use, and generally required super over-oiling in order to have decent odds of keeping the engine from burning up. As soon as the technology improved, the manufacturers changed to a 32:1 recommended mix in the same saws that he previously "required" 16:1.

Modern mix brings many benefits of technology improvements and can be used in these older saws at any ratio from 32:1 to 50:1. If you go with synthetic oil, you can comfortably err on the lighter side. The difference in lubrication, carbon deposit prevention, and reduced smoke (your saw will no longer keep the 'skeeters away while you cut), will be appreciated!

I routinely run 43:1 (2 gallons of gas + 6 oz of now discontinued MobilRacing MX2T oil) in all my 2-stroke equipment, including Remington and Homelite stuff from the 1960s. When I run out of MX2T, I'll switch over to Klotz SuperTechniplate. For those of us who do not want to go crazy on hunting down obscure oil, Stihl Ultra is a fine oil.

If you want to make the oil choice issue real easy, Echo's semi-synthetic (available at HomeDepot) is an excellent oil, too, and I ran it for many years before switching to the expensive stuff. If you run this at 40:1/43:1, you will have superb lubrication, low carbon/smoke, and an easy-to-find oil, too!

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Another good oil is Husqvarna Low Smoke in the black bottles. It meets JASO-FD, ISO-EGD, and API TC specs. Available at Sears & I think Lowes.
FWIW & YMMV, I've run this at 32:1 in all my 2-stroke equipment including an old Homelite chainsaw spec'd at 16:1 mix.

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i have a 64 xl auto and cant find the right manual but.... i do have the manual for yours so e mail me at greezy_jeans@hotmail.com and i will send it for you its a adobe 9 document and wont upload on this site. ps your machine should be using a 32 to 1 mix ratio, i was just at the shop with mine two days ago.
(i rebuilt mine from the block up because it hadnt run in 20 years(i inherited it) and couldnt get the set screws right the older the machine the harder to tune.

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I have a 25+ super xl auto (red). Its been a work horse. With a sharp chain its hard to beat. The on/off switch just stopped working. I also noticed gas coming out the bottem of the saw after i filled it up. I do'nt think i spilled, it did not leak for long. Also if the chain is 3/8 gage or pitch or... What size round file should i use ?

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I have been asked to repair an old, very old Super XL Auto. The owner used the 'typical' 50:1 oil ratio in the gas and it seized up. I am in the process of tearing it down, but before I do, are there parts available for this equipment? Can't find a model No or any specs. Can anyone tell me where to look on this saw to find model / serial no info and are there parts available if I ever manage to get the thing apart. Also would be interested in locating an assembly diagram or manual.

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strelnikov(NE IL)

Ask the guys in the "Homelite Chainsaws" sticky thread in the Chainsaw forum at arboristsite.com.

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Someone just gave me a 12 inch homelite XL 2 Auto that an old lady gave to him. It was her husband's so the story goes. Anyway, I just got done tearing down the whole thing because it hasn't run for 10+ years and had fuel left in it. With to sludge at the bottom it appeared to be 16:1 mix or something of a low end nature. After cleaning everything, and I mean everything, I put in a 50:1 mix. About 20 pulls later it started right up, but it would not run in idle. I ajusted the throttle up a little bit, just a tiny bit now, and put in a 40:1 mix. It runs like a champ. I think even though newer oils are better the oil saw needs just a little bit more lube because lets face it, it was built 30+ years ago and technology was not what it is today. For cryin out loud the thing has cork gaskets for the gas and chain oil compartments. CORK GASKETS!

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Yep Cork Gaskets all the way into the mid 70's lol .

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