Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw

hortsenseJanuary 22, 2012

I have a Husqvarna 350 that stumbles and stalls rather quickly upon cold starting efforts (and it doesn't run long enough to get warm...) It seems to idle ok, but cuts out as soon as I touch the throttle. Compression is good. Spark seems okay as well (visually inspected, and I tried a new plug) Visual inspection seems to show a gas leak at the top of the fuel tank in the general area of the fuel line. Saw is 5-7 years old so I am assuming (dangerous I know) that it is a cracked fuel line. I am a novice at tearing apart smaller tools like this. So, some questions:

1) Is there a way to "test" my theory prior to starting off on the project? Perhaps if it runs longer with me squirting gas directly into the open carb (it has no primer bulb...)?

2) Do I need to use the oem gas line (the exploded diagram shows it a being sorta corkscrew-shaped)? I will order the oem gas line (if needed) and get a new spark plug, fuel and air filters while I am at it.

3) Any tips on how to best approach the disassembly? I have an exploded parts diagram but no firm idea on what I have to do/remove to access the tank and carb connections. I have done this before on string trimmers but everything has been "out in the open" on those projects.

4) Anything else I should do or inspect while I am in there?

My worst fear would be getting in over my head, or worse yet, causing additional problems while fixing the wrong problem. My Dad calls this throwing Easter eggs (not sure why...) I could take this to a shop, but I am assuming this is a simple fix (except for my unfamiliarity).

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My Contributions: (DIY is the rational way to learn on minor jobs IMO)

1. On some old lines not easy to see, I will pressure test from extreme ends Tank to Carb if needed.
2. A waste of time if you know you have a leak/restriction due to no fuel flow in the line at the carb.
3. A wire hook if needed rems in-tank line/filter, good needle nose are needed to pull trimmed new line.
4. A variety of line is usually found at small engine supply shops and kits at home Depot and Sears
5. Most lines are easily traced/replaced. The proper size is critical to seal int/ext connections vs leaking.
6. I'm not up on the Husky but I c/n visualize it being a major job to replace the line. There is probably a You-Tube video or list of steps on-line. A good quick example is at the link below:

Good Luck! loger

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txtom50(8a texas)

There's another youtube video you might want to check out labeled "Jonsered Husqvarna fuel line change"

Here is a link that might be useful: Jonsered Husqvarna fuel line change

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Thanks for the input. I will go check out the Jonsered/Husqvarna link as it might be best suited to my problem.

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I think I was a little scared of the tight spaces and I know I did not want to tear the saw apart more than that. But a simple hemastat makes the job look easy. I am sure it will be just a little more fun in the doing, but like most anything, once you have seen it done you know its possible.
Thanks for the help guys and for the link TxTom>

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