Toro Snow King Tecumseh Engine

smilin_2009January 1, 2011

I bought the Toro 1028LXE a few years ago and it came wth the Tecumseh engine. My brother-inlaw just bought one this year and it came with the B & S engine. He wondered why the change so I looked on forums here to find out they no longer make the Tecumseh engine. Is there anything I should be cautioned about as far as parts ect. This is a great machine and I plan on keeping it for many years. Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Smilin: Just the routine maintenance form of issue Bro . Keep the Oil Fresh , buy the best you can afford. Also with the Tec engine the carb requires clean fuel (fuel conditioner annually) and ensure stabil during storage . I have ran quite a few Old Snow King Engines and they will give great service when properly maintained . As far as parts there should not be a problem . Just keep an eye on the routine nut and bolt tightness , recoil fasteners...etc . The Tec does vibrate some lol . Enjoy the Blowers :)

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Thank you for your reply! Mine is like most others, as it sputters once in awhile when idling but under a load it throws snow atleast 35 ft. or better. Great machine.

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The snow king engines are great engines. I don't recommend keeping gas in the tank and especially the carb off season.

Tecumseh is coming back according to my buddy in the industry. Don't give up yet.

I would use a product like sea foam or startron during the season.

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baymee, thanks for your thoughts. I usually use seafoam at the end of the season and run it until the gas runs out. Seems to work fine for me. Any thoughts on this method? Using it during the season sounds like a good idea.

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The ethanol fuel needs an additive. I'm starting to see rusty carb innards from the water ethanol attracts.

It's cheap enough to use an additive all season and completely empty the fuel in the off season.

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Smilin: As Bay has recommended running the Ethanol based fuel out of the carb after addition of Stabil will be your best bet to reduce gumming of the fuel circuits within the Tec Carb . MMO or Lucas or any other premium fuel additive during the winter season will ensure further trouble free fuel delivery .
Note: The occasional sputter during idle is the norm with this engine as you have identifed . One other thing is proper oil grade for your temps . If you have servere (colder temps) I would recommend multi grade oil not straight SAE30 . Hard starting and valve train wear can be increased due to lubicity decrease within higher vicosity oils in cold temps. Bay: Let me know when you hear further on the New Tec Engines Arrival :)

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Is the new tec engine going to be chinese or USA?

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I thought Tecumseh was totally taken over by LCT, but my friend says NO. I've already gotten two shortblocks made by the new company, both used in snowblowers.

I'll see what I can find out.

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Bay: Thanx Bro !

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I have a Toro 8/26 that is 8 years old. It is a real beast. Coming back from the shop tomorrow after needing a good go over. My son used it last year and you know the result of that one!

Talked to my repair shop this morning about the Tecumseh engines and the entire fuel issue. The recommendation is to drain/ run the fuel out of the system completely. The problem with the gas we use is that it will attract moisture during storage in the humid weather that the Northeast experiences. Stabil will not help the problem.

As to parts, my shop does not have any problems getting what they need. They don't anticipate any either.

So come April I'll run the system dry.

Enjoy the journey.
eal51 in western CT

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This is all great information and very helpful!! Thanks to all for contributing your thoughts as it will help me keep my engine in good running condition as these machines are not cheap.

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