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Johnny4917April 19, 2014

I would like to establish a perrenial border along a fence bordering the west side of my yard. It's a 4 foot high hog wire fence seperating my property from a vacant lot. It's a sunny location getting over 7 hours of sunlight a day. I have several pots of red coral honeysuckle. I've thought about letting the honeysuckle cover the fence providing a backdrop for a 4 ft x 30 ft perrenial border going down the side of the fence within my yard. Do you think the honeysuckle would work as adequate back drop for the border or would it become a nightmare to maintain? I also have several varieties of Clematis that I could allow to grow on the fence, rather than plant the honeysuckle. Another option might to set some potted red and pink knock out roses in the background rather than try to maintain the honeysuckle. Thanks in advance for the advice.

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Both the honeysuckle and the roses will take up most of the 4 foot bed depth. That's a very narrow depth for a bed 30 ft long. Can you double the depth, at the very least?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

there are two types of H ... the bush/shrub.. and the vine ..

the vine should do fine.. with some selective pruning thru the years.. to keep it on the fence. ...

i would NEVER plant a monoculture ... so put other things along the 30 feet ...

i like autumn clematis... but it can seed somewhat aggressively in some zones ... it doenst in my MI ...figure that out for yourself ...

i have that fence on my split rail... who knew it was called hog wire fence.. lol .. well.. apparently you and google

if it were me.. i would.. given the space.. double the bed to 8 feet.. and leave at least 2 feet at the fence.. to walk back there and tend the garden from the other side ... at least you dont need that space to paint a wood fence .... otherwise .. figure out how you reach into a 4 foot deep bed ... presuming you dont have 4 foot monkey like arms .... w/o walking in your flower beds ...


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I like the idea of having the vines, either the clematis and/or the honeysuckle as a backdrop, but as others have said, they will need two or three feet added depth to the bed since they don't grow absolutely flat. Since your fence is only 4' high, the vines will reach the top and then spill over unless you train them to grow sideways or you have selected some of the shortest clematis. The spilling over will take depth as well.

I also like the looks of a deeper bed because you can have layers of plants allowing for something to be in bloom or have ornamental foliage for most of the season. In my beds, almost all of which are deeper than 4', I place stepping stones or some type of path in the middle of the bed where I can walk without compacting the soil around the plants when I do maintenance such as weeding or cutting plants back at season's end.

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