Field Mice

exmarJanuary 29, 2012

A while back I posted on here asking what folks do for field mice, got some good responses and added to my normal fall/winter routine of keeping them under control in the barn.

Unfortunately, didn't go far enough, just got the wife's explorer back from the garage to the tune of $700 as they'd invaded and set up a mouse hotel under the dash primarily in the heater and heater box. The mechanic gave me a break on the cost as we're friends but still...

The explorer is driven to work 5 days a week and often on weekends, parked outside yet they entered and prospered.

Have now put Dcon under the seats in both vehicles, never had to do that before or even thought of it.

Wonder if the lack of winter this year has made them prosper, it's 55 here today on Jan 29?

Just sharing,


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have to ask how are they getting into the interior of the car? usually all the vent opening have screen over them or narrow spaced to prevent rodents from entering? Need to find out were they are getting in. Tell you my story with rodents

I had squirrel blow the brains out of my 89 trooper. It also set over night in the yard off concrete for two days. The Rat with long tail made nest up by the brake booster. Which was that bad but she chewed up everything in her way including the CPU harness.

When I when out Monday morning to start it, no go, just crank but no fire. OK I splice all the wires back Thinking I fixed it? Nope. Pulled the CPU apart and could see melted resistors. Called dealer say 1795. I said 17.95 not bad he said no 1795.00. So I got on car_part.### and found one for 50.00 bucks. installed it and if fired right up. I also blow the brains out of the squirrel and all her relatives as pay back.

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I use my wife's dryer sheets. Stuff them in and around the places where the mice like to live, which is anywhere the will be safe from cats, or any other predator. I use them every winter. Makes the equipment smell nice, too!

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I have been putting out a little cat food every few days to attract the stray cats (which we have plenty of) hoping to keep the rat and mouse population down. So far if seems to be helping. I try to place it high on a rack hoping a mouse of rat cant get to it, but a cat can. I see muddy cat prints where they are getting on a table jumping to the rack.

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Rusty, I can't get by with repelling mice, for whatever reason, we've been overrun with them the last couple of years and this year is the worst!!! Gotta go for the kill.

RC, your story reminds me of back when I had a contracting business, one of my guys went out on a trouble call and phoned me shortly that "You gotta see this one." It was an older home which had been seriously and expensively redone, then sold. The load center (breaker box) was built into a kitchen cabinet and surrounded by other cabinetry, soffits, etc. All wiring went up to the attic and then dropped down to the rooms. A squirrel or squirrels had gotten into the attic and destroyed everything there, including gnawing the insulation from the main trunk of wires coming up from the load center. The homeowner wanted an estimate but I said I'd give an estimate for replacing the wiring that was damaged. Removal and reinstallation of the cabinets to gain access would have to be done "by others." This cabinetry was gorgeous and of the old fashioned kind which was built on site to fit the wall as a complete unit. He didn't like that idea and said he'd find someone else. Wonder what ever happened? :-)

I think it's the weather, it 1/31/12 and it's going to be 64 and sunny today and the grass is green and a lot of shrubs, etc. are trying to bud?


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Time to go outside and hammer on the engine covers! wear heavy boots, and be quick on yer feet! Also, install some new dryer sheets. Maybe even start some up. Be ready with the BFH!
OHHH, how those mousies hate to be disturbed this early in Spring, or what is passing for it, right now!
Although--I'd swear they like to stay hidden, in the hopes you will take them out for a nice ride on yer tractor!
Yes--I'm going Stir Crazy, from the enforced sitting around. I did go down to garage and got one machine to run half-heartedly. The free Toro Sno-blow that is s'posed to run---doesn't. More on that later. The almost new one that was not s'posed to run--does with new fuel. The old stuff, that was in it, didn't work. The last fall, walk-behind, runs 10 seconds, so i'll fix it tomorrow. The free Kero heater finally works, so i can keep warm. Old one needs a new wick. Going Bluegrassin tonite. Cheers: RJ

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