Garden Tiller question

bekellogJanuary 28, 2014

I have been thinking about replacing my current tiller. Its a rear tine craftsman counter rotating about 14", its a good tiller but its getting worn out. My father has an old Troy Bilt pony from the late 70's and it is awesome, id like to find one of those, but I have not had any success yet. I really like the forward rotation of the old pony, but I have had good luck with the counter rotator. Are there any new tillers on the market that will last like my dads old troy bilt???

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I've been using a Troy Horse for over 30 years and I've not seen any other that I would like better. Did you look on ebay or Craig's List?

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Yes I have looked in craigslist and ebay, but here in north central Missouri tillers seem hard to find

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If you are still able to use you craftsman just keep using it and keep watching Craigslist. I bought my 81 model Troy Bilt Horse off Craigslist, I see a few every year. I have a Poulan Pro, I expect it is much like you Craftsman. It sees more use than the Horse does. The newer forward rotating tine tillers are worse to jump forward when you hit something because they are lighter.

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Merry Tillers are a favorite of rental places because they are built to be very tough. I use a Merry Tiller International model which has a triple reduction transmission and a dual V-belt clutch.


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Troy-bilts (with conventional, forward rotation) are better for tilling, but counter-rotating tines are better for sod busting.

You can buy new "T-B" Horses (forward rotating tines)but they are not made in Troy, anymore. They are made made by MTD and sold at T-B dealers and one of the big box stores (Hd/Lowes.)

The old T-B Pony and the Tuffy are now all counter-rotating. (Same manufacturer and distribution.)

I love my old ones!


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