Echo CS 400 Question

cciaffone(durham NC)January 15, 2009

Hey Guyz, this is a new Echo chainsaw and the first

"new technology" saw I have owned, so I have some

questions about the chain brake lever.

1. I am having a really hard time getting my hand

in between the handle and the chain brake lever

without stopping the chain. Is this normal?

Should I be gripping both the handle and the

chain brake lever while cutting??

b. The saw will not rev at all when the chain

brake lever is stopping the chain. Is that normal??



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Somethings wrong. How big is your hand? I have a CS-370 which is similar to the 400 and have plenty of room.

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masiman(z7 VA)

There is definetly something wrong.

I think the possibilities are that your hand is too big, your holding the saw wrong, or something is wrong with the brake and/or or handle.

It is normal that the saw will not rev with the brake on. You're trying to rev the engine, the clutch engages the drum, but the drum does not move because the brake is on. The clutch is slipping on your drum a little, but it is essentially preventing your engine from gaining rpm (the load is too high).

Check out this video on how to cut with a chainsaw. If you are holding it correctly, then you'll need to post a pic or take the saw in to have it evaluated and/or get some instruction on use.

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I have an Echo CS440 with exactly the same problem as Chuck. My hand barely fits. This started suddenly while I was cutting. Everything works, it's just too close. I took pictures, but don't know how to post them.

Thanks, Rich

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The clutch (chain brake) engagement point requires adjustment. It as you know is spring activated , I would suggest you inspect further or take it in for this adjustment if you are not mechanically inclined . Congrats you have a great little saw !

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I have checked the chain brake, and it looks good. Also this happened suddenly, so I doubt if something wore out. I do believe there's a problem with the engine mounts, I was hoping that Chuck found the answer and could pass it on before I start tearing it down.

Thanks, Rich

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Time to tear in to it if your up to it lol ? What Chuck described over 2 yrs ago as the function issues are what the chain brake feature is designed to do (stop the chain from turning when the brake is applied). Keep us posted !

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