Does you Electric Chainsaw sling bar oil or show good signs of oi

loger_gwJanuary 13, 2013

1. Does you Electric Chainsaw sling bar oil or show good signs of oil on the bar?
2. What brand, size, RPM is your saw?
3. Does it have a manual pump or the oil drafts down from a vented oil tank top?
4. What would you estimate the oil port's dia at the eng to bar to be?
5. My McCulloch Eletramac 12" Chainsaw is not oiling the bar good IMO.
6. My next effort will be to use drill bits by hand to know the full size of the port and hopefully sawdust. Also check the full length of tubing and 90 degree joint for the full size opening. I have a feeling and hope I will find that chunk or fine deposit of sawdust that compressed air and solvent d/n move. The attachment shows pulling the oil tank at the 90 degree joint might be a good option.

Please share any extra info on getting a good bar oil flow using 30 wt oil with a "Clean" draft sys.

Thanks In Advance For Sharing Info!

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1. The Saw Oiled And Slung Oil Like A Champion! Below the adjustment is wet and the nose. I also have the grease and gun to grease the nose bearings that I need to use.

2. The surprises were 2 oil line connections probably an oil pump and possibly a valve at the bar's port.

3. Will it stop when I stop "While Resting"? LOL. Due to possibly porting a valve vs restriction.

4. I will remove the oil or seal the vent if needed.

5. A mistake was reming plastic to locks it on, I feel that control accidental on also. Will Ck,200?

6. The Killer was R & R the Chain Break Mechanism. It was the challenge since I torque it not to easily work but I like the hand guard.

7. Last, Please help ID the wood by the saw that I hope is Peach or Plum or I w/n burn if unknown.

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Loger the species of tree appears to be Elm by the course bark and less than dense grain within the core section. If so it will burn much like poplar , will support medium btu range when mixed with maple or similiar hardwood. Not a stellar heating wood here in the great white north . Mix with birch also wood make a usable spring or fall heating wood.

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Thanks ewalk! I hope 1 yr seasoned Persimmon is safe to burn since the owner told me there were 4 types of wood in the pile. Fruitless Mulberry which I know, Plum and Peach I c/n tell the difference from the core colors/textures (better shown in previous attachments) but the plum did have a sheet/flaky bark and both are similar at parts of the trees. Most distinct is the Persimmon with the yellow core with heavy rosin and heavy bark.

Woods will be mixed with seasoned oaks (if safe to burn) that are 90% of our firewood harvest (lately). Our wood works well keeping the central heat off when we are at about 40 degrees vs below. That is not bad with only a few weekly fronts going below 40 and 24/7 fires when below 60 degrees. This is more of a science than I would have ever thought.

The electric saw proved it needs draining if all the oil is not use due to porting continued flow.

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