viburnum cotinifolium

bobbygil(7)October 2, 2009

I have a Vib cotinifolium ready to plant but cant find all that much about it. Does anyone grow this Vib.? Does it need a cross polinator to produce berries? thanks bobby

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viburnumvalley(z5/6 KY)

I don't have this one in my collection of 125 taxa (yet), but I've seen it quite happy at the arboretum in Seattle (Washington Park, I think).

Like ALL viburnums, Viburnum cotinifolium will fruit better if cross-pollination is possible. That doesn't mean it will have NO fruit when planted alone - just that it will have a great propensity for greater fruit display if there is a non-identical plant with overlapping bloom time that can cross-pollinate with it.

You don't disclose where you are gardening. I have a good friend that grows about as many viburnums as I do, but in the much colder climate of exurban Chicago. He does have Viburnum cotinifolium growing quite happily. Maybe he will weigh in here...

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Since it is one of the Asian viburnums, perhaps Viburnum dilatatum is a good candidate for over lapping blooms and cross pollination.

I checked Dirr's Viburnum book and he had very little to say about it except for size estimates and descriptions of foliage, flower and fruit; he says that it is not fragrant. He said it reminds him of V. lantana in appearance. A plant at JC Raulston Arboretum (NC)was damaged by cold in winter of 2003-04.

bobbygil gardens in North Georgia near me, which is why I mention Dirr's comment about the plant in NC.

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Thanks..I got it from a big local garden sale and I asked if it needed something to cross polinate it and was told that it didnt. It was just something diferent I thought I might try...thanks bobby

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