Ariens 7524 loss of 6th gear speed

dills43January 2, 2010

Hi there,

I have an Ariens 7524 (932041) It has 6 speeds forward and 2 reverse. My 5th and 6th speeds are the same as far as speed is concerned. I adjusted the speed selector as described in the manual as well as adjusted the clutch/brake control. Both of these adjustments did not cure the problem. I took the bottom case off to see if the wheel was in the right posttion for 6th gear.....and it was.

Is there any other adjustments that can be done or is there a problem with something else? All other gears are working fine. Blower works great otherwise

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It could be just the wear amount on the disc starting to cause this if physically placement is good and rest works well. It would be odd, but you could lay a straight edge across the driven plate to see that it is true, secure and also that bearings are not worn.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, physcial placement is correct and everything looks good inside. The friction disc looks to be in good shape with plenty of rubber left on wheel. The disc does have some marks on it from use but it's secure and appears to be true.

Could any adjustment be made to the traction belt that would correct this? Blower was bought used......orginal owner said he only used to 2 or 3 times. Not sure how honest he really was..but the blower appears to be in good shape.(wish they had an hr meter on them)

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I suppose that the traction lever tension adjustment may be of help if it is a touch looser than it should be. If you can put the selector in 6th and not be able to hold the machine back all is probably fine.

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No way could I hold it back from moving in 5th or 6 gear. Has plenty of torque so I guess adjusting that wouldnt cure it either.....

A friend of mine has a Ariens 5524. We tested blowers together with our speed selector nose to nose......we are right on until I go in 6th...and then his pulls ahead quickly. My 6th did match his 5th gear. Has me stumped.

Are there any calibrations limits to the disc that would tell me once it wore so many thousands it needed replaced? Or what is a good indicator it needs replaced? Couldnt find anything like that in the manual except for watching for rubber shavings inside the bottom pan.

Appreciate your help

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Have you noticed any strange whirring noises or nitrous cylinders on your neighbor's machine? :)

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I would say as long as you have another like unit, pull off both covers and compare disc positions in the high gears.

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Tom , you wouldn't be accusing Dill's Neighbour of running Modified would Ya...Roflmbo , spilled my coffee on that one Dude lol . Seems rather strange to me also Dill43 . Following Toms advice on eyeballing the friction wheel position on both machines would seem to be were you will see a difference. I would not be surprised if your position of the friction wheel does not change when you shift your cable operated lever from 5th to 6th. May have been not set properly from the factory. Interesting dilemma !

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LOL, no my buddies isnt on nitro. He might be but the blower isnt. LOL!

We did do a comparison to the postion of the friction disc for 5th and 6th gear. It does move over and mirrors what his looks like in 6th gear. Just doesnt change the speed. I'm really stumped on this. I guess I could just replace the friction disc and see if that makes any difference....but I wonder if that's what's wrong.

Appreciate your help.

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