Where can 2cycle carb parts be ordered w/o going broke on shippin

loger_gwJanuary 23, 2013

Where can 2cycle carb parts be ordered w/o going broke on shipping/handling? Such as: I need an Echo Blower # ES 2100 Carb Part #12532020560 (high speed needle). Local and online it's priced at 4.65 or close with shipping/handling charges at 8.95 (about at both).

With the local dealers ordering parts for others and themselves I feel this is excessive. With U.S. Postal Low End Shipping Rates, I feel this is excessive. This is forcing me to continue searching the local's Used Parts when I'm out vs special trips. This gets frustrating trying to help a friend finish a project ("not at my home or it might be curbed").

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My dealer doesn't charge me shipping for a part. Does yours? You should be able to buy it for list price at a dealer unless it's a special order.

Another thing I consider: If I want to buy online, it's worth $9 for me to not have to drive round trip to the dealer and wait for service. For me, it ties up at least 45 minutes.

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I just called another major dealer and he verified the charge for shipping is basically standard. IMO, "unless it's a special order", is probably the key when an old part is not in stock.

I was quoted a shipping and handling on a boat's impeller on a price match and they showed unreal shipping but honored the lowest U.S. Postal rate since I was in no hurry as now.

I agree when they will mail it cheaper than I can drive across town, Ship It!

Take Care And Keep Some Fun Project As Mental/Physical Exercise.

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I have often noticed that ebay sellers of small engine parts charge low shipping. I had forgotten that you specifically said '2 cycle' when I just went over to ebay and looked for some small parts. I immediately found 'Leroy's Outdoor Power Parts' and they had lots of stuff for various engines, but unfortunately I specifically looked under B&S. In any case, shipping small stuff (even a muffler) was under $3.50.

And of course, that was a random store and there are plenty more where that came from.

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For the past 10 years I've been getting OEM parts from at least two dealers. I look up the part number and price on a site like Malica and then call a dealer and have him order the part.

The dealer price is always about the same as Malica would charge, or less.

These two dealers place bulk orders once or twice a week from places like MTD, Briggs, etc. and have never charged me extra for shipping. Many times the parts aren't carried by the dealer at all.

But, like I said above, it's still 45 minutes minimum to pick up the parts. I have found alot of bargains on ebay too.

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Thanks for all the info!

1. Have you seen the needle attaches in another model Echo Carb? The threads will fit my Echo PE 200 Trimmer but the needle is shaped different.

2. I believe my friend would have given up and ordered the part if it was his only blower (managing 7 Live Oak Trees in his yard). Plus, he shops Estate/Garage/Sales weekly.

3. One likely source says his new items can be cheaper due to his charge for pulling used parts.

4. Our local Napa has some Briggs parts through their catalog and warehouse but not this part.

5. I feel he is challenging a local find more than the cost. I asked him to forget about silver soldering.

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This is what I have done,take the needle that is threaded,if you have a dremel tool cut a slot across the top and use a small screw driver and screw in back in the carb.You still can adjust the needle in the carb. It will be a little short down in the carb. but it will still adjust.Hope this helps.


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I was just looking for some parts and came upon this site. I think he is mainly a lawn mower repair guy but he sells small engine parts. I was after 4 cycle stuff today, but I see he has access to some 2 cycle stuff. His site didn't list shipping charges so I called and he called me back in a few minutes telling me small stuff should be under $4.00.

I got a couple of carb kits for $3.31. He seemed to be knowledgable telling me various carb issues that might cause surging in addition to jet size. I know this is late, but it might be what you (and others) are looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low ship small engine place

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chas045, Thanks for the lead. IâÂÂll follow-up by passing the info to the friend that needed the Carb adjustment screw for his spare blower. ItâÂÂs not too late, plus we have a lead on a local repair shop to check. The local Flee-Markets are Great Sources except for the challenging waves of people and traffic that I try to avoid since the 90s

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