Poor throwing

stoveguyyJanuary 7, 2013

Sears 7hp 24". Runs great. New impeller belt. Has never thrown snow far. New belt is adjusted perfectly. Impeller spins very fast but snow dribbles out chute. I think if anything, impeller belt is actually a bit snug. Impeller will turn very slowly at stop. So why won't it throw snow when I want it too?

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You may want to check out Clarence Impeller Kit .

If you can get your index finger between your impeller and the housing (pull the spark plug wire off first or remove the spark plug, remember, safety first) you have too much gap. The Clarence Kit will take care of that with very good results.

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I would not keep that tension on the belt. It puts stress on all the linkages and pulleys. Back it off so that you have an inch of hand lever movement left when the auger is spinning fast.

Check the impeller, as above. Also, if you are new to snowblowing, it could be that your chute needs a lubricant applied to it, or the snow is too wet. Only the top models will throw slushy snow and then not well.

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Is the high idle engine RPM correct?

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Carb is adjusted fine. Motor idles perfect. Runs flat out without a hiccup. Motor never bogs in deep snow. Have checked impeller for binding, it's turns freely. No bent paddles or stuff. Edge clearance is tiny. Can barely fit my fingertip between blade and impeller housing. Unit is 15 yrs old. I have never thrown snow well. Dry snow is so-so, wet snow is awful. I sandblasted inside of chute and primed/painted. I even was going to have chute chrome plated.

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Possibly a broken shear pin on the auger not allowing the snow to enter the impeller properly when at work. You could try spraying cooking oil on the barrel and auger to see if it helps.

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Cavell, you mention having the chute chrome plated. I think I'd look into just using a kids Crazy Carpet (Magic Carpet), cut it to fit properly, then rivet it to the chute. They are cheap to buy. There's other links with results of people who have done this. I am not one of them though but like what I've read about the idea.

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Line the chute with poly? Ya, u look at this beast and figure it's got to blow snow. Weighs a ton too. My wife refuses to use it. Too heavy. I might sell it and get a newer, lighter model so she can blow snow.

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Cavell, what I'm saying is: has the engine RPM been checked to make sure it's up to factory spec? A couple of hundred RPM could make a difference.

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The impellor modification sounds interesting to me. I have a tiny 5HP made by Garden way. Built like a tank and throws just about any snow.

The inside surface of the chute is usually the secret to good snowthrowing. The straighter and chip-free, the better. Lube works nice but not for long. The poly liner might be the best idea here.

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Guy on CL has a 8/26 unit like mine forsale. Wants 100. Has elec start. Mine does not. I want a newer, smaller unit. So many on CL for 150-200. Wifey can use smaller unit.

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bertman_gw(5B West Conn)

Cavell could not find an email to send you direct?I believe your problem lies in your gear box. so here goes my theory for your problem. I had the similar problems and just repaired it on my Ariens 824. In the gear box you have a worm gear that comes from motor drive shaft (which impeller rotates on and is pinned to)
That in turn drives another gear that turns augers from their respective shaft. However this is held by alock pin that is most likely SHEARED OFF. The centrifugal force has enough power to throw light snow but nothing of substance. With all visble parts in tact and turning thus making difficult to diagnose. Go to e replacemetparts.com look up your model. Will try and post picture. Goodluck. One thing you could do to see if this is your problem. Try turning augers with their shear pins intact and a stick ( resitance )in the impeller. If they do indeed spin Than that should indicate the problem is in gear box.

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As it doesn't throw snow very far I'd be looking at the impellor not the feed auger. Could be the impellor has a sheared pin. Or maybe a sheared key on one of the drive pulleys . Steve

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