Need rec's on gas powered wood splitters

countrymom27January 18, 2009

Hi - We live on 5 1/2 acres in Northern CT and use a lot of wood to supplement our oil furnace (we have two wood stoves). Tho we are in a wooded, rural area, seasoned cordwood is really pricey and we have loads of hardwood trees that we need to take down for various reasons anyway. We've been looking all over the web at various gas powered wood splitters and are looking for some advice.

We want a vertical/horizontal splitter, at least 20hp, less than 15 sec per cycle, reliable, easy to tow around or to hitch to our John Deere, and reliable. Budget is definitely an issue!

Suggestions, thoughts?

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Not sure why you would need an engine that big but all the big box stores carry log splitters of several sizes. Northern Tool also has a good selection. jmo

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canguy(British Columbia)

What nod said. I have yet to see a commercially built unit with 20hp. What size pump and ram do you plan to drive with it?

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I think she meant 20 ton.

Versus a vertical/horizontal splitter, I'd take this one. Rolling the logs to the platform lift is better than having the wedge on the ram side of the splitter. I like having the split wood fall off the end of the beam, vs. beside it. I also prefer to work standing straight up vs. stooping or kneeling for all the big stuff and trying to maneuver it to the splitter while on the ground.

I have a home made one similar to this, but mine has a PTO driven pump, eliminating the extra engine to keep maintained. It limits me to only using a tractor during use, but I pull it around with a tractor anyway.

This particular one is a chunk of change at $2600 plus $900 for the platform, but You Get What You Pay For. I'm sure you can find a comparable one locally for a more affordable price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Northern tool splitter

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This costs a little more; but it puts conventional splitters to shame. I particularly like the idea of electric; normally electric on a hydraulic splitter would be a yawn; but this mechanical splitter is pretty cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mechanical splitter.

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Hey Boltonranger,

That splitter is freakin' awesome! I've never seen such a thing. Too bad they're all the way over in MA. I hope they catch on soon and I can see one in real life here in Wisconsin.

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canguy(British Columbia)

I have used a similar unit made by Gripo. One thing bothers me about the video. He is able to let go of the control on the forward stroke and handle the block with both hands. That is scary, this thing is FAST.
The Gripo requires a hand on the control. It will lock on the return stroke then pop into neutral.
We had two problems with it.The return springs are too light to pull the ram back completely unless the beam is kept completely free of bark and pitch. Heavier springs slow the forward stroke.
There are small bearings under the beam to allow the ram to move smoothly as the ram is pushed up on the forward stroke. These bearings need frequent adjustment via cam bolts and don't last long.

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Ha! Yeah Bill that's what I say, awesome indeed.
I agree that its fast enough to "bite", but I do know of conventional splitters that have bitten too.
Doesn't make me feel safer though. Still real cool.

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Vance99, Are you referring to an electric motor driving the pump to drive the hydraulic cylinder for splitting force vs gas? Versus electrical and gear pressure that could be quiet but I question the force? My 1 HP electric motor, pump and hydraulic cylinder is A Monster Of Power but the pump's noise is a killer (ear muffs/plugs are a must).

Next, A 4 Way Attachment that quarter logs is great for BBQ wood and stove wood. It save lots of time if you are splitting short 10-12" diameter wood about 12" long into quarters. Even neater, it lifts off the wedge to allow normal splitting also. It's not a bad project if you have the steel and time. They might be cheaper to purchase but should pay for themselves easily. loger

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