portable generators starting cold weather

thetheway(6 st louis mo)January 16, 2007

I need to buy a generator but would like first hand infomation on starting in cold weather.

What is the lowest temperature for starting the recoil pull rope type.

I have noticed a Power King 2500 watt generator listed on Ebay that has battery electric start but have never heard of that brand and not sure of the quality.

If anyone has a Power King, please give me your opinion.

The recoil pull rope would be fine for my use if it would start in cold weather. However the electric would make it easier for the wife to start when I am not home and I don't mind paying more if the Power King is reliable.

I have been looking at the Proforce 2500, any opinions on that brand.

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canguy(British Columbia)

The Proforce is a Chinese copy of a Yamaha and IMHO, a poor investment. ( I'll get some flak for that LOL)
How cold are you talking? 10W30 oil will probably be adequate but you may need 5W30 so it will start. Use gas line antifreeze.

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thetheway(6 st louis mo)

Thanks for you input canguy.

Concerning the Proforce, I have noticed a lot of ads for refurbished units and thought if they are so good why are people returning them, so you have pretty much answered my question concerning that brand.

The coldest starting tempture would probably be around 20 degrees fahrenneit although at times it does drop to 0.

My concern with the recoil start is geting the gas to ignite at low temps. I have a Honda lawnmower and when it is warm it starts on the first pull but in the fall when mulching leaves if the temperature is 40 degrees or lower it is very difficult to start.

Concerning the Power King I asked about in my orginal post, I noticed it only has one 120 volt outlet and I once read in another forum to stick with the generators that have 2 outlets. Does anyone have any comments on the Power king or the 2 outlet theory.

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I suggest you read the forum "Chinese Portable Generators" on this website.


China-built engines,some of which are referred to as "Honda clones" or "Yamaha clones" are built under license and are identical to the original designs. Read the thread which describes a mechanical breakdown and parts comparison in both a Honda engine and its China version. This person talks about engines used in go-cart type races and the mechanic who fixes and interchanges parts from these engines.

Someone also mentions how Honda dealers are not allowed to use Honda parts in the China "clones". Although this might raise a few eyebrows, its about liability/business and not quality.

Here's a generator I was looking at and it sold out and is not available until the end of January. It has a "Lifon" licensed built engine made in China. I'm not sure if it's Yamaha or Honda.

I bought a Cummins Onan (China built engine) through Costco. Onan is one of the largest and most respected generator companys in the U.S. (Although bigger doesn't always mean better)

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Hers's the link and specs on the Onan generator.


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I have a 1200 watt chinese generator (pull start only)and brought it camping last fall in the mountains. It dropped below 0 Celcius (32F)by about supper time, the generator sat over night at sub zero temperatures and the following morning started right away and ran great. I was impressed. Although I've only logged about 30 hours on it the engine is smooth, quiet and starts easy.

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

Proper choke operaton, fresh winter grade fuel are keys to starting cold engines. Something not happening in your world because that Honda should not be hard to start at 40 degrees.

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