Combo tool vs. standard trimmer

jaginnJanuary 21, 2014

Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum so I hope it's in the right place.

I am having a new lawn installed and wanting to update my old trimmer. I've been looking at the Husqvarna range and am trying to decide between a standard straight shaft trimmer (524L) and the combo tool that also takes other attachments like hedge trimmer, blower, polesaw, etc (525RJD).

The pros I see for the combo tool are (a) only one engine to maintain, saves space, slightly cheaper than buying the individual tools.

And the cons are (a) the combo unit itself is $100 more, if the combo engine dies then you are locked into the brand if you have all the attachments, slightly less robust with a split shaft.

Anyone have any recommendations on this (any brand combo vs standard trimmer advice is great - not just Husky). Note that I think the models given above may be Australian rather than US.


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I had an Old Green Machine with a split shaft that did great work with quality string trimming or hard blade trimming with both. I later learned the shafts were too short caused me to bend my back vs standing straight. Now I use a longer dedicated Echo for each. Plus, I have learned Mid Commercial Cable Shafts are stronger vs shying away to the Heavy Solid Shaft.

The old saying and proof in many cases was Dedicated Tools Were Better Than Multi Tools. With the Split Shafts, I feel quality has improved (vs owning/using) if itâÂÂs a Commercial Grade Tool.

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I have no direct experience but my next door neighbor has a Stihl multi tool that doesn't seem to give him problems. He mostly uses it for weed whacking or exchanging to a scary looking circular saw blade that he uses to cut low limbs and saplings.

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My neighbor has a Multi-Purpose-Tool (from Sears) that he uses at walking speed to String Trim, Hard Blade Edge and Blower on a Ground Level Shaft.

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I have a combo Echo edger and trimmer that have worked well for a few years. I did not want to be doing double duty with engines. Pay more for better stuff if you can aflord it. And get an easy pull start.

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