Mantis Tiller Fuel Tank

vgg659(Z9 LA)January 8, 2012

I have a vintage Mantis tiller (SV-2AE engine) circa 1983-1987, and used the heck out of it up until a few years ago. I wanted to use it today, but the fuel tank is cracked across the top along or near the seam. I looked up the replacement part (Echo 13101005920), but it is obsolete and out of stock everywhere I looked. So, I want to repair the tank I have by some method. I was thinking about painting epoxy or silicon around the whole tank. Suggestions?

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Had this happen on to me on ryobi trimmer gas tank. I got two part epoxy and glue it. Course I cleaned and sanded the tank before to give it something to stick to and course the tank was empty and dry. Look at the hardware store I think you can find something compatible that will work to bond it back togather Most plastic tanks are glued togather anyway

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I have never tried to repair a plastic gas tank, but I bought an old 1981 Troy Bilt that someone has tried repairing the tank with silicone and it is coming loose. I have no idea how long ago the repair was made but I will be trying to repair it in the future with something else.

I have had pretty good luck using E600, Goo or maybe goop, I have also used a product called "through the roof". But none of these repairs have been made on a gas can. I often use some type of webbing like fiberglass or dental floss embedded in the glue.

I have a plastic mirror mount on my pickup that was broken several years ago and it is still holding.

The E6000 and goo or goop both can be found at walmart, the through the roof product I buy at ace hardware.

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UPSIDE DOWN! I have 1987. Used once (same ) ok one rubber hose, one smaller plastic gas Jug. . Dont fill full of gas/ andmy chainsaw tank worked as good. Use water to test it out, leaks etc. The gas jug. The McCullough Chainsaw tank + One hose was better. Its just gas (don't let it Leak!

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