Hose Extenders for hard-to reach areas.

woodswalker88(6)January 6, 2012

Hi folks,

For this spring, I am going to need a hose extender of some kind. The spigot is over at the northwest end, and the new plantings are going to be waaay over at the southeast end, maybe 150 ft away. Yes I have a 100 ft hose and it won't be nearly long enough when I start putting in groundcover & shrubs over at the far end.

I googled "hose extender faucets" and they are mostly just to extend your faucet about 6 ft so you don't have to stumble over bushes to reach your hard-to-access spigot.

My question is how this works: whether I can use this gadget with a 100 ft hose rather than 6 ft. Stick another hose on the other end & reach my plantings. Do you leave the spigot on, and turn the water on & off using the faucet that is on this gadget. And will it work as well as a real spigot?

Does anyone else have experience with a gadget like this, and what options have people used to water a far-off patch where the hose doesn't reach (other than carrying a watering can out there... been there, done that.)

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These are good at what they do and built well enough. If you wanted the control of the faucet out by that garden the advantage is its convenience. One could put an inline valve on and coil up the hose on the ground and get a similar result. How it is plumbed would be the question. A lot would depend upon your surroundings and how temporary or permanent this is. You could simply use a length of garden hose from the house valve to this. You could buy a coil of water pipe and adapt it to a hose or make a more permanent installation. Whether or not you shut the line off at the house would mostly depend on your confidence in your supply line I'd think. the valve on the unit is a standard brass water valve.

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Why not just buy a 150 or 200' 5/8" water hose and a Lewis hose reel?

Mean Green Industrial Grade is a good quality hose and Lewis makes a great reel that will hold a 200' hose.

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FWIW, I just bought some 3/4" black plastic pipe, the kind used in wells, and dug a shallow trench from the hose bib to where I wanted it. Couple of connectors, another hose bib, some Els and it was done and the water is there when I want it. I didn't make a permanent connection to the house, just a hose connection near the existing hose bib, just connect a hose and you're in business. Consideration should be given to draining the underground pipe in winter. If your land slopes fine, if not, be creative with a ladder and RVantifreeze until it comes out the other end.

Good luck,


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