my stihl will not start

phinoreJanuary 1, 2010

I have a 024 av stihl saw, it has worked great for years, I have not used it in about 5 months, the other day I went to use it, and it would not stay running, It will occasionally start, and seems like it will be fine, but it will stop and with no amount of pulling will it start. Here is what I have done.

replace all fuel in system.

checked and replaced fuel filter, \

checked fuel line and it has gass flowing through it.

took out carb and cleaned it, the insides seem to be okay.

replaced plug, and checked to make sure it has spark ( it does ).

I can generally fix things when i have a problem, but this has me stumped.

any suggestions?

should replace fuel line ( it was replaced 2 years ago during a tune up )

should i rebuild the carb??

any help would be great.

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Well sounds like fuel starvation from what you have replaced the most important. Try blowing out the carburator jets along with adding some carb cleaner in the fuel mix. This should get a improvement . If this still does not resolve your issue then a diaphram carb kit may be req'd since the saw has not run for a 5 yr. period. You did not mention if you had properly drained or prepped the saw for storage with a fuel conditioner so I'am assuming that varnish is the 1st issue lol.

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the fuel was a basic mix.
and the saw was not started in about 5 months, not five years.
I will pull the carb back off and use my air hose on the jets.
will report back later on today

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Oh sorry about that Dude ! 5 Mths would not be a serious issue if the gas was fresh to begin with . Dirt can still be any issue even with proper filter usage over the yrs.
Lets us know how it goes.

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parts that i took off, and they both have air flow, but with the gasket back in, it will not allow air to flow, i even tried putting carb back together to see what would happen, but it barely started and then died, and still wont run.I am thinking i need to rebuild the carb? is this hard? i found a rebuild kit on ebay, and it looks like it has a lot of gaskets, is there a schematic or instructions i could find somewhere if and when i go to repair this?

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Rebuilding the carb is realing rather easy just R&R . As with any teardown if you have not done so very often make a list during disassembly . There are no real special tools normally unless you saw has a welch plug . Rule of thumb is to turn in all ajustment screws carefully and note the number of turns and write it down. I hope you have already done so during you Jet cleaning proceedure. If not don't sweat it you dealer will have the info or one of our forum members will be able to aquire the proper website for this info ..sorry I don't have this info . You have a topshelf saw so its worth the investment to be patient or invest the $$ to have your Dealer prepp it back to life.

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i did this and then re blew everything, and now it starts and runs , but it seems to run a bit rich, not sure if this is from the cleaning, or maybe the mix i have may be a bit rich, But now it does not want to idle when it is sitting, did i screw something up? i set the screws back to where they were at before, i could just restart it each time i cut, but that is a pain, I am also going to get the rebuild kit and redo it, any other suggestions?

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The carb on this unit will be, most probably, either a ZAMA or a WALBRO.
Download the Technical Guide from this site for ZAMA:
for whichever model the carb might be if it's a WALBRO
hope this helps,

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Check out the Service Manual Guide Sites that Glennam has been good enough to provide . If your saw follows the norm you should have a High Speed , Low Speed and a Idle Speed Setting .
Rule of thumb for set up is 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns for the low and High Speed Jets. Spark Plug Color is the trick for all two stroke engines. Carmel colour is ideal. To ensure a not to lean high speed setting run the saw at full rpm (no load) until it reachs highest speed and then turn in the high speed jet until speed increases to it fullest , then back it out just a little (not till it begins to gallop). The Low speed jet is a little trickier , once running set the low speed to were the idle almost stalls but the saw does not hesitate when you gun the throttle . Once this is set up you can then just set the saw for its normal idle setting were once the saw is warmed up the chain bearly moves (rolls) on the bar when properly lubricated at idle via the separate Idle stop screw adjustment. Having Raced Snowmobiles for yrs. I have always referred to Spark Plug Tuning rather than Oil Mixture Dealer Spec's. I would think that will good Premium grade gas and 50-1 mixture of Stil or suitable alternate Oil you will be a happy camper . Hope this info gets the wood chips flying for you..Ty !

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thanks for all the help, it runs much better now.
Paul H

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Hey Great Paul ! Happy Cutting Dude !!

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