Help with Craftsman Snow Blowerrunning problem

upsfeeder88January 21, 2012

I have a 24" Craftsman Snow Blower with a Thecumsen engine. 2STG 5HP24. 31AS615E099 The thing starts but stalls for the first 5-6 times. Then it will run fine as long as I am not engaging the auger. Once I start to throw snow, it will stay running with the choke off. Then it will bog down and stall. The engine never seems to kick into overdrive to either keep running or throw snow, After it stalls it takes 4-5 pulls and it starts again, but the same thing happens. Runs stalls, runs stalls, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Please list past history (age any past problems and etc) and annual steps of storing maintaining and servicing. This will help toward some ideas as to what the problem probably could be. The Bottom Lime! "Machinery Must Be Maintained And Used Properly" if you expect it to perform.

Such as: I volunteer my labor on many small engines, computers, and basic mechanical problems with neighbors, the elderly and friends. If I see you do not respect or try to have a maintenance schedule, I'll pass on volunteering nor will I work for money unless we are adding or modifying to a respected piece of machinery.

I need help on various personal machinery and enjoy sharing experiences but w/n ask for help if I h/n done my best to maintain the machinery. Please d/n take this as a negative attitude vs a need with machinery. "Go Light On Me"! loger

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The numbers you posted are just emissions numbers.

The Sears number will be something like 917.xxxxxx.
The first 3 could be several different ones, depending who made it.
917, 536, 247 etc.

IF the engine IS a Tecumseh, it should have a number beginning 143.xxxxxx.
A different brand engine will NOT be 143.......

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I know the others don't want to jump the gun! SO I will?

Sounds like two tipicial engine problems? water has migrated into the fuel tank, and/or carb.gummed up from setting. Your carb. is mostly gummed up or burning water. Buy can of spray gumout carb cleaner and follow the instructions on the can after you have dumped the gas in the tank, cleaned it out and refilled with fresh treated gas with fuel cleaner additive. It that don't work seek small engine DR.

If that don't work probably time to attempt to clean the carb. But, usually if it will run the gas treatment and gumout routine usually works if the tank wasn't deluted with water?.

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