Light for red and yellow twig dogwood

jadie88(7 MD)October 24, 2013

Question for you good folks...

I have read that full sun is best for bringing out the color in cornus sericea and cornus alba, but the place I have in mind would only get full sun after the leaves have fallen from the nearby oaks. During the spring and summer, the spot gets a few hours of morning sun, then filtered light all day.

So, is the brighter twig color a result of more sun on the twigs once the leaves are fallen, or is it a result of strong sun throughout the growing season? Anyone happy with their winter color in less than full sun exposures?

Thank you!

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Stem color is usually in response to cold temperatures - it is more intense in winter than in summer regardless of siting. These shrubs, as well as their cousins, Cornus alba, are often sited in less than full sun positions in my area and maintain very good winter color.

The best color will be on the newest growth, so it is often beneficial to cut these shrubs back periodically to encourage new, bright stem growth.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Thank you, GardenGal!

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